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Review: Game Night


Part crime thriller, part comedy of witty banter ‘Game Night’ is a sure fire hit for any Saturday evening movie night.

With a host of modern comedy hero’s including the ever-amusing Jason Bateman, even the odd plot fumble here and there can’t detract from the film’s raw entertainment value.

The plot follows to extremely competitive individuals as they, and their friends, gather for what promises to be the ultimate evening of games. In an attempt to 1-UP the usual foray of charades, Jenga and other assorted board games, the group agree to attend a professional murder mystery evening. In pure farcical coincidence, one of the groups private lives catches up with them and indeed, the staged kidnapping and subsequent murder threat becomes quite real. The group must then use their combined wits and quick thinking to foil the kidnapper’s ploy and save the day.

Well something like that anyway!

Ultimately, as I am finding with many ‘modern’ comedies, the plot seems to take back seat about half way through, instead the film focusses all of its energy of the eclectic mix of characters and ensuring they are put in a sufficient amount of plight to ensure that at some point their individual puns each have an opportunity to justify their being written into the film.

The film is no worse off for it, and despite me being some what partial to the classic 80s thriller comedies which focussed as much on the thriller element as much as the laughs, ‘Game Night’ sits nicely along side other more recent comedy hits.

Times change, and films such as this are a reflection of this. The comedy is ‘obvious’ and ‘safe’, it satisfies enough of the popular PC trends having strong female characters, a couple of dumb macho males, but remaining nice natured at its heart. The relationship interaction between the two leads is humorous and heart-warming, as is the overarching story line of them growing as people and as a family. Despite the film flirting with some potentially darker themes such as organised crime, exploitation and injury, the one liners and long running gags keep pace, no matter the circumstance.  

The characters are easy to relate to and the film is a real easy watch. There are some laugh out loud moments and an equal amounts of intriguing plot twists and developments; even if the films ambitious ending doesn’t quite hit its mark from a story telling perspective.

Overall, if you are familiar with the all-star cast roster and you like their other works then this is a no brainer – its fun and well worth your time. If you want a comedy that is slightly more serious than slapstick I say give this a go to.

‘Game Night’ is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.  

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