Review: Harvest


‘Harvest’ is the second Danish short movies we have had the privilege of watching recently, and whilst its companion ‘Udbrud’ was very much a tongue in cheek OTT zombie gore-fest ‘Harvest’ sets are far darker more sinister tone.

Directed by duo Kim Sønderholm and Martin Sonntag ‘Harvest’ is a simple and gruesome short which revolves around a black market organ-harvester for hire named John. Despite his best efforts John’s latest acquisition which we see dismembered in the opening scene has spoiled, and his rather unreasonable boss suggests that unless he finds a suitable O-Negative kidney within 18 hours it will be his which becomes donated.

Unfortunately for him, only 6% of the population have this blood type, and if this wasn’t bad enough, his efforts to find a match through seedy internet chat rooms ultimately become his undoing.

Basic and brutal would be the best description. In the opening scene the film clearly sets out its stall showing nothing short of a full on dismemberment! Even a literal rendition of a hammer smashed face! The effects here are reasonably decent, think 80s gore fx and you are in the ball park, and its plenty bloody. From here on in the story unfolds like a roll mat and whilst the movie does have a little twist, it’s one that you will see coming long before it arrives. The only negative I will mention here is that after the full on opener, the climax of the movie is something of an anti-climax, with equally dodgy looking gore-fx leaving you hanging a little bit.

Overall, however, at a mere 20 minutes in length there is little to criticise. The acting is good, the concept is interesting and the gore, especially the opening kill, is hardcore enough for us to recommend this to any fan of the gore genre.

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