Review: Hatchet 2


With the success of the first movie it would seem Adam Green couldn’t let the murderous Victor Crowley die. I forget where now, but I once watched an interview with Green who stated that he hoped that Crowley would join the ranks of horrors biggest serial killers, up there with Vorhees and Kreuger I would imagine - it is with this sheer ambition that he lunges headlong back into the swamp continuing the story directly where the last one left us.

Promising more gore, and... uh, more gore... than the first, Hatchet 2 delivers the sequel which wasn’t really needed.

The plot, which to no surprise, was not the movies strongest point, sees Marybeth, the first movies survivor, running back to the swamp to tell all those interested that the Crowley legend is real. After a little bit of faffing, and some rather lengthy scenes with Tony Todd returning as the charismatic ‘Reverend Zombie’ a group of hunters venture to the swamp with the intention of bagging the un-baggable Crowley.

Needless to say much murder ensues as Crowley cuts bloody swathes through the witless horde.

I grant you, slasher movie plots are never particularly dynamic, but this one really felt wafer thin. There was no plot, and despite several attempts of blagging that there was by introducing some equally flimsy sub-plots and a bit of back story, the movie simply felt hollow; as a result, the pace, something which I would praise the first one for, was poorly structured with several extended story telling sequences bordering on tedious. In the first movie a host of colourful characters helped to give each scene an edge, in Hatchet 2 the characters are as lifeless as the swamp they spend most of the movie traipsing around in.

As Crowley enters the fray, things liven up a bit. Green’s well welcomed obsession with gore shines again in this movie - although not enough to make up for the movies inadequacy in other areas - the sheer inventiveness of the deaths, and indeed the exaggerated tools of the trade which are used to do the job are again a highlight.I won’t go into detail, as these scenes are pretty much the only highlight of the movie, but rest assured if its blood you want you will not be disappointed.

Overall, sadly at movie two Green proves that you need a lot more than good intentions and a desire to succeed to actually succeed. In my opinion I thought that the Crowley monster was a pretty shit antagonist anyhow and this movie does little to build on the back story of the character. the plot is shit and this time the gore, whilst wild is simply not enough to fill the gaps between deaths. Here’s hoping Green begins work on another project.

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