Review: Header


What is a header? Well, that is the one question this film answers with clarity, whether or not there is really enough material for a full 90 minutes of film is debatable but if you persevere you will find a movie that rewards in many ways.  

To begin this movie is really low budget, like really low so if that is not your bag then don’t bother watching at all. The acting is amateur to say the least and the camera work, well, I’m pretty sure it was filmed on a handy cam with little or no tripod use.

Initially the plot moves slowly and we all feared the worst when watching it, I mean literally the first half an hour or so is torturous to watch, and very little of the sickness promised was being delivered. Then, however, through a combination of the most unconventional sexual acts you could think of, one hilariously eccentric grand-pappy and a couple of fairly swift moving side plots the movie picks up the pace and eventually builds to what was overall quite an entertaining (if that’s the word) and memorable films I have watched in a while.

The plot is basically that of your typical backwards revenge story, although some of the murders, committed by an ex-con and his granddad, seemed more random than revenge to me; but then that’s not important. The manner through which the victims are dispatched is what takes priority: The Header. The other plot sees a struggling ATF officer picking up the trail of bodies left by the gruesome two whilst he tries to balance his duty and financial constraints.

The shock scenes are exactly that, shocking. The gore is limited to a few OTT headshot splatters and of course the set-up for the main act, the Header, which is shown in many scenes in all of its glory. It doesn’t disappoint.

Overall there is little more to say. It is certainly not a perfect movie, and in all honesty if it wasn’t the for the performance provided by Dick Mullaney as the grand-pappy, it probably wouldn’t have received more than a three, but the combination of the sick subject material, some decent gore effects and the healthy spatterings of off-beat humour means ‘Header’ defiantly felt like more than the sum of its low budget parts.

What is a Header? Watch and find out, it certainly makes that old man happy!

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