Review: Heart Stopper


The only reason why anybody would even know about this film is that it stars Robert ‘Freddy’ Englund. Having said that it did get a reasonable amount of hype (owing to the presents of aforementioned star), but when it was actually released it seemed to drift into the sea of other independent films, that said, it doesn’t actually deserve much recognition as it isn’t really that good.

Basically another typical slasher, in this case a psychopathic killer is stalking the patients of a hospital. The killer’s mo is, as the title suggests, that he removes the hearts of his victim, oh he’s dead too, searching the hospital for a new body to host his vengeful soul trapped owing to the much over done doesn’t-die-from-electric-chair scenario. Far, far to close to the plot of the much better ‘House 3’.  

One of the many problems this film has is that the hospital is pretty much deserted all of the time, hardly believable and it’s a little insulting that you are expected to think as such. The dialog too is shit as is the acting for the most part. It sort of starts off ok but as the minutes tick by it gets increasingly tedious owing to a pace which is non existent at times; I suppose that ironically that if your heartbeat matched the pace of this film at times it would stop too!

The only good things to say about this film are that the occasional gore scenes look pretty good, and there are at times quite bloody moments. It has Mr Englund in it although he plays an old (almost at retirement) sheriff, funny because his body language reflects this attitude.

Overall, if you read the preview and press releases surrounding this film all indicated that the intention was to create an 80s style film, the presence of Englund is an obvious testament to this tribute. But its not corny its just really boring, even the presence of such lines as ‘You have the right to die… a horrible death’ aren’t enough to make this film recommendable. Even fans of Englund should say away as this is only going to break your hearts (no pun intended).

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