Review: Hell’s Ground


This, ‘Hell’s Ground’, is the first Pakistani horror I’ve seen, and right from the get go its fairly evident that whilst, there appears to be little coming out from the country, the classics we hold dear have made their way there. ‘Hell’s Ground’ is not just a movie which is made in the style of 80s horror, or one which pays the occasional homage, it’s a movie which is basically a cross between ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ with an Asian twist.

Imagine the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with rebellious Asian youth instead of hippies and instead of cannibals you get a witch doctor with a fucked family including a crazy mace wielding daughter in a burka. The plot you’ve seen before; a group of youths are taking cross country trip which takes a horrible turn for the worst after taking a short cut down through the infamous Hells’s Ground, a land the locals believe is tainted. Here they are accosted by a horde of zombie like people and seek refuge in a hut which turns out to be ground zero for the nastiness.

In terms of plot you can’t help feeling that it’s a bit of a rip off. Obviously the plot is pretty much a TCM clone and throughout the movie you will notice other obvious ‘borrowings’ from other movies, most noticeably the cabin and smoke/lighting effects from ‘Evil Dead’ and the one eye ‘bag head’ style killer is easily compared to that of Jason’s appearance in the early ‘Friday the 13th’ movies. That said there are some other nice cultural differences which make this film quite unique; the Muslim gowned killer being one.

Apparently this movie has been available locally for sometime, however, due to censorship and foreign policy the movie has been held back on its global release. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take much to offend the Muslim populous and in all fairness it isn’t all that violent at all. Much of the movie really relies on a good script and some interesting locations to keep the pace, however, there is some blood and such when it is necessary. Naturally there is nothing incredibly brutal but there is the odd bit of flesh ripped and some impalement style deaths. In all fairness I suppose you could say that there is the same amount as most slasher movies but for some reason it fails to make as much impact. Naturally the person charged with gore effects is no one you would have heard of, but still, the job was well done.

Overall, whilst this might be Pakistan's first gore/slasher movie we have seen them before and, unfortunately, although there is nothing at all unwatchable at this movie it doesn't come across as much other than a copy. If you watch horror foreign horror for the cultural difference then this will not disappoint as there are some nice touches, however, if you just want a decent horror I'm afraid this comes of no better than average.

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