Review: Hide and Creep


Here we go again, another fan film paying open and obvious homage to the greats of the 80s and developing a film which, whilst it doesn’t spoof exactly, makes light of the situations which were/are typical of films of that era. This one, as with last years ‘Dead and Breakfast’ is a zombie movie and therefore by default ass kisses Mr Romero and Mr Jackson, in this film they even claim that there are only 3 good US zombie movies and they were all made by Romero, of course this is a matter of opinion but either way the name dropping is a bit blatant. The only film that I can think of which was even sillier from this perspective is ‘The dead next door’ whose main characters were all named Romero, Raime etc. I think the main problem I have with such films is that whilst the name drop to show they are clearly opinionated fans of the genre they merely follow the story ideas and set pieces from these films rather than paying tribute to the era by making a film in the vein and style of such films. An excellent example of such methods is the surreal ‘Die you zombie bastards’ which nails the comedy/homage of euro movies meticulously.

Anyhow, excuse the rant, back to the matter at hand, the review of ‘Hide and Creep’. The plot of this one is that a small isolated community come under attack by zombies, the outbreak apparently the result of alien activity; a scenario which is possibly a nod in the direction of Aussie zombie/ sci-fi comedy ‘The Undead’. The story however ends there and as a result the open ended ness of events often sees the film feeling a little disjointed and the pace slackens quite terribly in parts.

The zombies look ok, but nothing great. They are very reminiscent to Romero’s black and white savages in ‘NOTLD’; they aren’t as impressive in colour and they feel a little featureless. Still I have seen much worse! The gore is quite good as it looks pretty realistic but, and I imagine this has to do with budget, there isn’t a great deal of it and surprisingly no disemboweling! (A Romero trademark), even ‘Shaun of the dead’ managed that!

As it’s a comedy I think that it’s ‘funniness’ should probably get a mention. Well thankfully it’s pretty good. It’s definitely reasonably amusing without going into the cocky/geeky dialog some films see the need to revert too (Dead and Breakfast). There are, of course, plenty of ‘in’ jokes for all us horror fans to enjoy and some of the humour is pretty dry, clearly a lot of thought went in to the script to ensure that these work and they do work well. It also helps that the acting is good and each of the main characters develop their own style on how to handle the ordeal. I quite liked also that the zombie invasion was handled as more of a hindrance than a threat, the people of the town act towards the zombies as irritating objects which needed to be removed rather than terrifying creatures. I mean let’s face it we have all thought that often zombies are so slow and stupid that unless faced with a horde alone in a dark alleyway the prospect of a few zombies mincing around is hardly brown trouser time, and whilst the threat is there it just needs dealing with, head shot! It was a nice direction for the film to take, and one which I believe makes ‘Hide and Seek’ a more memorable addition to the homage/spoof genre.

Overall it’s definitely got its moments and it is genuinely funny in quite a few parts and it certainly was worth the watch. The downside however is that the story is to open plan and ends very abruptly, it honestly feels like the writers of the film wanted to make a zombie tribute but really couldn’t think of any ideas of how to do it. There could have been a little more gore and the zombies could have been a little more imaginative in their appearance.

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