Review: Hideous


Part of the 88 Films Grindhouse Collection comes Hideous. Although being released in the late 90's it certainly feels more like an 80's B movie, it has all the tell tale signs....dodgy acting, hilarious creatures and a low budget to boot.

When talking about B movies there's only three words that need to be spoken before you can speculate over the calibre of Hideous, those three fateful words, Full Moon Pictures. Charles Band the powerhouse of gash cinema himself....although do have one worthy nod in their collection 'Puppet Master'.

A group of collectors of deformed little creatures must battle against some of their little beasts when they realise that they are not quite as dead as they seem. Without diverging too much on the rest of the plot that is pretty much all to it, although the first hour of the film are filled with very little but dialogue there's not actually much to keep you interested, there is so much waffle about 'who can pay the most for a found creature', that when the little fellas actually start going ape it's a refreshing turn of events.

The creatures themselves are without a doubt the best part about Hideous, there are about 5 in total, all with their own little characters and noises that they make. There are a couple of laugh out loud moments involving them, a nice change of pace from the dialogue driven first three quarters of the film.

One of the lead female roles does manage to keep a certain flare alive with her stunning looks and sexy demeanour, she pretty much spends all of the film with her cleavage out and all while having beauty that could fit right in at Sweden.

Overall Hideous is an 'OK' film, the major problem being that it waffles through the first 60 minutes - considering there's only 82 mins total it's a major waffle session at that. When the beasts finally do make an appearance the film genuinely is quite funny and the ending is fairly amusing. This fits in well with the rest of the Full Moon saga.

Hideous can be summarised very easily:

Expect to see:
Awful acting
Hilarious little creatures
A nonexistent plot

What you won't see:
Interesting dialogue
Much in the way of gore
Anything for the first 60 minutes

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