Review: House On Terror Tract


Despite being released in 2000 ‘Terror Tract’ has a distinctive late 80s vibe to it. In true Creep Show fashion the movie contains 3 short stories wrapped and linked by another scenario which runs intermittently throughout the movie.

The movie opens as two perspective buyers are chauffeured to their first viewing by their real estate agent. As they enter the house the agent states that he must disclose the history of the house owing to the ‘full disclosure’ law he is bound by; cue story 1: Nightmare.

The first story is very reminiscent of the second story from ‘Creepshow’. The wife of a wealthy man is caught cheating by her husband. As a result of a heated debate the husband is killed and the body must be disposed of, however, despite him being weighted at the bottom of a lake the wife can’t shake the feeling he is not really dead, a thought made more real from her nightmares.  Actually this plot isn’t just similar to the story in Creepshow, it’s basically the same, and whilst thewhole story is a little obvious there is a nice little twist at the end.

Put off by the first, the couple are then driven to a second house, but again the low asking price comes with a different cost. Story 2: Bobo.

This story is probably the most complex of the lot. A young brat of a child discovers a monkey in her garden. Initially her parents say that she can look after it until the owners are found, but spoilt as she is she refuses to let it go at all. As the father takes measures to ‘remove’ the monkey the body count rises.

It is as absurd as it sounds, and because of its originality it holds your attention well. The acting is really strong throughout, including the child actor who acts out the brat to a level of genuine irritation!
The anthology is wrapped up with the final story: Granny Killer.

This story is a little thin, and for all intents and purposes it does feel a little bolted on to the end of the others. The story opens as a young man seeks a psychiatrist claiming that he has a psychic connection to a murderer calling himself the granny killer (he dresses like a granny, not someone who actually murders grannies!). From there, well you watch it and find out.

Again there is a little twist at the end, but it’s not difficult to guess, and other than the granny killers mask which is pretty creepy this story is more or less forgettable.

Overall the anthology is at least worth a watch. It’s nothing compared to the quality of Creepshow or Tales from the crypt, in terms of content or effects, but it fills it's time well with enjoyable stories which are acted out convincingly; it’s definitely one of those movies that despite a few flaws you can’t help but take a liking to it. I would give it a watch if you get the chance to rent it out.

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