Review: Hunting – The Legend


In an already saturated genre 'Hunting The Legend' is entering in to a tough crowd, eager to seek content which is unique or failing that a polished experience. HTL is proving hard to critique, on the one hand there isn't a great deal wrong with it and on the other not a great deal happens to be able to critique!

In 2008 Alabama, a son and father are out hunting in the wilderness when the father is mysteriously slaughtered and his body goes missing....into the woods. 'Chris' the son, waits 5 before he decides it's time to seek revenge on whatever took his dads life that day. With the aid of friends, paid camera men, and an attack dog, Chris goes back to the woods where his dad was taken, to see if he can unravel the mystery of his dads death.

It's fairly run of the mill stuff from here and for me personally doesn't 'grab' my attention. The main problem being that a sasquatch/big foot, whichever name you want to give it, is not personally on my list of most feared things. As hinted in previous reviews my fears come more from the supernatural or things that simply cannot be seen, just my personal fears, everybody is different naturally. However saying that the concept of rooting around in the middle of the woods with a camera/torch isn't pant shredding stuff, would be a lie, because it really is, especially with the noises etc that can accompany a trip to the spooky woodland!

So, in terms of on screen material to be 'scared' of......well, there's not a great deal. Do not expect to see the big foot, pretty much at all, other than a quick glimpse on some static camera footage, it's a direction that has been done before and has previously worked, take the "Blair Witch Project" as a prime example, what do you actually get to see other than a few hanging ornaments from a tree? Little can mean less however the payoff does have to be fairly substantial. Unfortunately in this case the payoff is pretty weak - not to say the film isn't tense in parts because it really is, there are moments where the old ticker is beating away expecting something to jump out unfortunately these moments are fizzled out when nothing comes.

On the plus side acting is convincing throughout, the cast seem to show genuine fear....something which I imagine is fairly achievable when you're trying to shoot a film in the middle of the night in a wood, it wouldn't take much to make me look scared on film either! There is a hint of a plot twist towards the finale but I'll leave that for you to decide - make of it what you will.

Overall HTL is lacking in certain departments to be able to score too highly, if you are a true fan of the genre you will take from it exactly what you want, suspenseful moments and plenty of 'shaky cam' shenanigans in the dark. it's not a country mile away from being solid - I have no doubt that if something would of given it the jump special I would of shit myself within an instant, however without these moments there is little onscreen to help along the way. Convincing acting and settings do help a little but the negatives overwhelm the rest of the film.

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