Review: I Didn’t Come Here To Die


It's safe to say it's been a good few months since I've enjoyed a good Slasher, but 'I Didn't Come Here To Die' certainly ticks all the boxes of a solid entry.

IDCHTD focuses on a young group of volunteers, out in the wilderness on a humanitarian project, basically making the forest ready for summer camps in the future. The group is your stereotypical slasher type, (one geek, one macho, one gorgeous girl etc), but they are all oddballs which have their own character and all add a nice amount of humour in to the mix.

It's not before long that the unlucky campers meet their fates, in the nature of 'accidental' deaths. This is where IDCHTD shines, from the first death to the last the pace is furious and there's actually a nice amount of splatter, it's both funny and sick!! The chainsaw scene in particular is raw and there's no cut aways to be seen! The group starts to break down mentally and emotionally and there's definitely empathy towards the unlucky crowd, what else could possibly go wrong??

Weighing in at 80 minutes it's safe to say the pace is brilliant, no unnecessary padding, no drivel, you never sit there waiting for something to happen, usually a common trait of other slasher movies. Its lack of budget never really shows, the effects are quite brilliant the casting is spot on and for once 'quality over quantity' has been judged to perfection...there's nothing worse than sitting through a low budget horror that thinks it has to be 90+ minutes long to make up for the fact that it is low budget!!!

The pace stays slick until the finale and it never really disappoints, it's not an explosive finish or as polished as some high budget slasher movies but it does work.

Director and writer, Bradley Scott Sullivan has delivered a quality entry in to the slasher scene and it would be nice to see what he can create with a more hefty budget, the effects are there, the script doesn't have any cringe worthy moments and as stated before the cast all pulls together.

Overall IDCHTD is definitely worth your time, grab a beer and a pizza with the lads and expect a good laugh with some splatter thrown in for good measure. With a pace this good you won't get bored, don't expect deaths coming at you left right and centre (there are only 6 teens) but they all come at the right times and are all pretty interesting ways to go! A mention must go to 'Emmy Robbin' as Sophia, to put it politely she is stunning! What a set!!! She is the leader of the camp and tries to hold it all together, a mighty fine effort I must say!

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