Review: Inbred


Inbred has took the festival circuit by storm, and after viewing the Blu-ray version the other night, it is no surprise why Alex Chandon’s return to horror has been so well received.

It has been Chandon’s first movie in a while, 10 years, to be exact, since we saw him team up with black metal front man Danni Filth to bring us the movie ‘Cradle of Fear’, and with it sees him change tact from the dark to the light. ‘Inbred’ takes northern English stereotypes to the extreme, taking the ‘League of Gentlemen’ cirque macabre style character to the next level. With fun characters, witty script and enough splatter gore to keep several visual effects companies from going under in the recession! ‘Inbred’ is certainly lighter hearted and pacey than COF.

The plot sees a group of youth offenders (or something of that ilk) being supervised by their carers on a ‘team building’ excursion into rural England. After a rather lengthy introduction to their characters – a group of misguided youth clichés who you can’t wait to die – we see the real stars of the show; the inbred locals who wish to introduce the characters to their own brand of hospitality. With the pub landlord running a sideshow attraction which is something a little reminiscent of ‘Hostel’s pay per view choose your death approach to entertainment, it isn’t long before our unlikely victims realise they are severely in the shit.

The plot holds up well, although it does take quite a bit of time to get going. I have questioned quite frequently in recent reviews the need for such lengthy character introductions in movies such as this, as quite frankly you just want them to die anyhow; and this is perhaps the only fault I would highlight with the movie. With roughly 40 minutes before the movie properly gets going it has a definite feel of a movie of two halves. That said, the dialogue is quite witty at times and it is suitably well acted, and despite perhaps deserving of some trimming, it is something which you are re-paid for in full once the movie really gets going.

Chandon seems to have developed a movie well in line with the Jake West school of thought in that if you are going to make a gore movie, at the expense of commercial compliance, then you might as well make it as gory as possible. Whilst the gore isn’t as sick as some of the US underground horror brought to us by visionaries such as Paulin or Nicholson, the gore in ‘Inbred’ showcases all manner of injury from chainsaw to shotgun, from dismemberment to impalements, and with all the effects looking top notch and with very few camera shy moments, this release sits proud alongside many of the other more notorious titles in the genre. With a lot of imagination Chandon makes these scenes really stand out and thoroughly entertaining.

Overall Inbred is a cult film made for a small niche market. Inbred is a well thought through horror comedy which offers some subtle satire alongside bucket loads of gore. At time the pacing is a little off, but once the killing starts it will have you gripped until it’s over. It has been a while since I enjoyed a gore movie as much as I did this one!

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