Review: Incubus


I suppose you already know what you are getting from a film which showcases Tara Reid as the lead heroine but I had to watch it regardless, nothing puts me off it would seem.

I already wasted 90 minutes (approx) on this movie and I’m not going waste to much longer reviewing it. Yes it's shit.

The plot sees a group of stranded twenty somethings making their way to the highway, and via the usual ‘shortcut’ through the woods they get lost and stumble upon an abandoned research facility in the woods where they decide to kip through the night. So, the break in through the skylight and after exploring they stumble upon a couple of dead bodies. After a bit longer they find a patient who despite being asleep or in a coma or something has physic powers.

I have to say, for the first half an hour it’s pretty creepy, especially all the ‘creeping around in the dark stuff’ but as the film progresses the already thin plot is stretched to breaking point. Continuities flow freely by the end of the film as both the story and things like outfits and bloodstains/wounds on the actors are constantly changing. As the saying goes ‘it’s the little things!’ By the end of the film you will be bored shitless, not caring what happens and just preying the Miss Reid will take her kit off. She doesn’t.

Other aspects of the film are equally poor. The acting isn’t terrible but its pretty amateur stuff. Tara Reid seems to have an intense look on her face throughout, possibly misinterpreted the criteria which makes her a serious actor? The gore and violence is minimal, a screwdriver to the head is the best we see I’m afraid. In the end, despite a slightly interesting story the film sinks deeper and deeper into the ‘teen’ horror cliché.

Overall just don’t bother seeing it, its crap and whilst not the worst film, there are much better ones. This film really doesn’t have anything going for it.

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