Review: Inside


Every now and then I’m truly impressed with a film, this is one such example.

'Inside' is a French film which was recently rejected by the BBFC (the British Board of Film Classification), they didn’t even watch the film but rejected it sight unseen.

It’s not hard to see why, this is not only one of the most brutal films I have ever seen but has the gore to back it up. And that combination has never pleased film boards, if it were either brutal or gory, then it might have slipped through the cracks.

Its hard to see where the film is going at the start, it begins with a slightly disappointing CGI shot of an unborn baby in the womb with the mother giving narration about how her child is safe now its inside her, then comes a jarring movement and we see that there has been car accident. We see a young couple in one of the cars, the man is dead and the pregnant woman seems pretty out of it.

The film then jumps forward 4 months according to the subtitles, but that seems like a long time considering the woman looked pretty heavily pregnant in the car crash and she’s still pregnant after the time jump. Anyway, that’s a minor problem.

The woman has obviously been deeply affected by the accident, she’s very distant and it’s a little ambiguous if she still wants the child or not. She goes home for the last night before being admitted to the hospital for the birth.

She’s at home when the doorbell rings, and a shadowy figure is waiting outside with knowledge about the pregnant woman and her current situation. After a little harassment the police are called and assure the woman that the trespasser has gone and that she should get some rest. The film is very tense during these scenes and the next few, then the film takes a sudden shift in atmosphere and we’re left with some of the best produced gore I have seen in years.

The rest of the film doesn’t let up, it's non stop brutality until the very end. I’m very pleased this film got made, I’m less pleased that you can’t get a region 2 DVD of it, but don’t despair, its available on region 1. I encourage you to see this film, import it if you have to. But don’t expect 'Hostel' like brutality; you will be shocked, if 'Inside' were an 18 classification then 'Hostel' would deserve no more than a PG, 12 tops.

The film is obviously a pretty low budget affair, there are only a handful of actors and almost all the action takes place in one house, but its so well made you wouldn’t think it. Its beautifully shot and the effects on the whole are top notch.

Whilst reading up about this film I’ve discovered that a remake is being considered by the man responsible for the decent Spanish horror 'REC', but the brutality will be scaled down and the tension will be increased.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of gore and you think the recent rash of 'torture porn' films, including 'Hostel' is a weak attempt at gore you will love this film. However if 'torture porn' turns your stomach, you will probably throw up watching this. Aside from a few moments where the characters make choices that no sane person would make, the film holds together very well and I can’t think of anything to fault it on.

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