Review: Japanese Hell


C and his bloody ‘Tokyo Shock’ box set, ‘I thought they were going to be good’ his only excuse for making me watch 3 excessively shit movies, of which this one, ‘Japanese Hell’ was the first for us to watch, and left for me to review purely because he didn’t actually know what the fuck was going on most of the time!

The story, as far as I can tell is about demons, in the Japanese version of hell, torturing those who have done wrong. There is an effort to separate the movie in to into several short stories, sort of like an anthology, sadly this is not as effective at keeping pace as it should have been, as one, the main story, occupies about 80% of the total run time.

The movie opens well enough with some tits and gore shown fairly early on. The girls are attractive enough, and the gore, as low budget and obviously fake as it is was a welcome opener. Sadly after this initial ‘highlight’ the movie somewhat declines in terms of content and pace.

It is not really necessary for me to try to critique every single aspect of the movie as one word really sums up much of our marking criteria:

Story = Boring
Script = Boring

For the others, the word ‘poor’ could be attached to the words ‘acting’ and ‘effects’.

The end result of this is a movie which after about 15 minutes of viewing becomes agonising to watch. I really cannot stress this enough, we watched it in 3 parts, simply so it could be reviewed. There are the odd bits of gore and some pretty hardcore nudity throughout, but it really isn’t enough to justify the most boring of story and dialogue which occupies the vast quantity of running time in between.

To say it is over long is a massive understatement. With 1 hour 40 minutes of running time I could honestly say that there is about 10 minutes of ‘watch-able’ content, the rest is utter rubbish. The story is so incoherent that you loose complete interest in it; not that it was at all intriguing in the first place.

Overall, any more time dedicated to this stain of a movie would be time wasted. Fine, it has a little bit of fairly hard gore, and some tits, but simply put there is to much waffle and sludgy pace to make it worth the effort. I really wouldn’t bother with this movie, no matter how ‘cult’ some reviewers push it to be.

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