Review: Junk


A Japanese Zombie Film? "Cries of laughter in the background!" As funny as the prospect may sound this "semi" serious zombie film is actually damn enjoyable! The reason I use the term Semi serious is because as much as I found it one of my favourite keepers it’s a bit of a joke (maybe not the right word) at times.

The plot seems simple and the opening scene starts with a rather tasty Asian with a perfect pair on display! In to the story and all seems pretty straight forward. A government scientist who had previously lost his wife spent years trying to find the cure to bring her back. However in doing so made a "nightmare potion" turning bodies in to horrid corpses, hungry for brains.

Throw in a side plot, including a high stake jewellery heist, a Japanese gang leader (who also returns from the dead sooner of later) and the classic abandoned airbase/silo to meet up and were’ on to a winner.

Memorable scenes include our main character taking on a horde of zombies with a pistol in each hand just to take back her loot from the now dead mafia boss and our very last battle husband Vs zombie’fied wife? As much action as you could possibly imagine from a rather odd scene! 

At parts the action can drag a little and sometimes I was left wondering is this a serious film ‘trying’ to be serious? Or a serious film with slightly cliché parts in? In all honesty I’m not overly fussed, but for review purposes it makes things slightly harder! I love the film, its different, its qwerky and it has enough action to keep you interested when needed.

Personally I think the end is going to be Hit and Miss for just about everyone. I thought it was chaotic enough to keep me satisfied however the way the story was going I felt the directors were obviously a bit limited as to how they could possibly end this film.

To cut things short, watch this film!! It’s not your classic Romero or Fulci but it’s very nice to see a culture jump and see Asia’s very own having a solid bash at a great genre of film.

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