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Review: Jurassic Games


Go on then, I will bite. No matter what anyone says marketing and timing I feel counts for a large proportion of a films success. If like myself, you are pumped for ‘Jurassic Kingdom’ then you are probably watching absolutely anything in it with dinosaurs at the moment! Despite my wife giving this one a miss based on the trailer alone, I couldn’t leave it be.

Question is ‘Jurassic Games’ the feature-saurus Rex or a big steaming pile of dino-dung? Read on…

The plot follows ‘contestants’ of a futuristic game where the inmates on death-row sign up to fight for their freedom in a virtual reality game world where killer dinosaurs, giant plants and Sabre-toothed Tigers are spawned in and out of world on the whim of the hosts. Naturally, die in the game, you die in the real world – albeit by lethal injection as opposed to a heart-attack or something. The team must survive a range of challenges in different virtual arenas, sometimes working together, but all the whilst knowing there’s only one prize at the end of the game.

The contestants themselves are mix of men and women who exhibit a range of characteristics from crazed killer to the wrongfully accused. Of course, following traditional cinema tropes our protagonist is the wrongfully accused; in this case a father convicted of killing his wife. In reality all of this matters little because the whole affair from acting to script is so contrived that you just need to know whose the good guy – him, and who are the bad guys – everyone else, including of course the ‘evil corporation’ who are making the games possible in the first place. Cliché above satire I feel however.

From a technical perspective ‘Jurassic Games’ sits its oversized, prehistoric arse right down in the middle of its B Movie territory, and to its credit, I don’t feel it ever tries to be anything but. What I would say is that, the films writer/director clearly has watched enough movies of this ilk to know where the pitfalls lie. That’s pace.

I, and I would suspect many other regular B-movie viewers, can probably put up with actors who communicate better with the green screen than they can with each other, fumbling their way through a script which just exists, well, just because there needs to be some talking in the film, so long as there is a pay off-of sorts. On this matter I feel ‘Jurassic Games’ delivers. There are a lot of prehistoric beasties in this film and the production values seem quite reasonable.

The on-screen time given to fighting with the CGI beasties is refreshingly plentiful, and whilst some of the scenarios where our witless inmates are pitched might be a little contrived there is never a dull moment really throughout the films runtime. Whether the group are playing dodging Velociraptors or being munched on by giant killer plants you can’t help but feel entertained. There is a triple T-Rex showdown which was pretty cool and even the odd little hint of characterisation as one of the more convincing characters, a psychopathic teenage killer, stares down a fellow predator after having bested a sabre-toothed tiger.

Overall, who could I recommend this film to? Well anyone who just wants an enjoyably mindless 90-minutes barrage of dinosaur action. Its not origional by any stretch, but more than worth a watch if you’re in the market for sheer entertainment.

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