Review: Killer Klowns from Outer Space


I had heard some pretty cool things about this film before I made the effort to watch and so, despite my best efforts to keep my mind impartial, I approached this film in a very positive manner, and, whilst not quite what I was expecting, I was not disappointed.

With a title like ‘Killer clowns from outer space’ one can only perceive this film to be a comedy, however, rather than be a ‘laugh out loud’ spoof the film takes a very serious note and the comedy comes in the pure imagination and absurdity of events - although I suppose there are some funny moments too!

The films plot it set in a small town, which when an alien space craft crashes in the woods just out of town, is subsequently over run by ‘circus’ aliens. As the victims begin to increase in number the scattered survivors must do what they can to survive and find some way of defeating the aliens.

That’s pretty much it for plot really, but then again what do else do you expect? There is just enough development of characters to make them viable and rather predictably all characters in the film pretty much play the part of any stereotype citizens with a sheriff, the local misunderstood hero, some trouble makers and the sheriff’s ex-girlfriend.

The true beauty of this film lies, as I commented on in the opening paragraph, in the imagination of both the ‘killer clowns’ and of the methods in which they dispatch their victims. The clowns themselves are freaky looking rather than silly looking (which I was expecting), and if any viewer who has a phobia of clowns would probably be scared shitless by their big pointy teeth, oversized eyes and heads. Their weapons are the best part though. They have all of the type of things identifiable from a circus but put to use for absurd murderous uses. There are candy floss guns which ensnare their victims in a pink cocoon, bubble gum guns and a big hoover which sucks up victims. The final piece of content which really makes this film complete is that the alien craft has its interior decorated like an eerie circus top, and although completely fake looking (obviously) really helps add to the absurdity of the film.

Overall if you are looking for a film which is camp enough to satisfy all of those with a thing for the 80s and are open minded enough to even contemplate watching a film entitled ‘Killer Clowns from Outer Space’ then you wont be disappointed by what you get from this film. It’s humorous but not silly, and serious enough in acting and dialog to let you know that they are not taking the piss; just the right balance of atmosphere and absurdity.

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