Review: Kolobos


Kolobos (apparently meaning to main or mutilate) is one of those movies I thrive to discover. I vaguely remember a friend of mine back in the day coming up to me and asking if I had watched the movie ‘Kolobos’ on the TV?! I said no, not entirely convinced horror akin to the standard of splatter I was accustomed to at the time was going to be on Chanel 5! I asked him what it was about, and my mate started telling me about circular saw traps, acid showers and eye gauging – this was in 1999 to, when every movie was a Scream clone!

Needless to say curiosity got the better of me and I made the purchase and was suitably impressed! Come 2015 we began the New Year retro style, and 15 years later ‘Kolobos’ returned in all its 4:3 glory!

The premise is remarkably reminiscent of a number of films (‘My little eye’ and the soon to be a hit ‘Saw’) in that a group of wannabe actors apply to take part in a ‘social study’. They assemble at a seemingly normal house, get to know one another and their purpose is explained to them by the director. Basically, act themselves! Not that hard, well not until night comes and things go to hell – basically the world’s most exciting Big Brother ever!

Yes, to my surprise each member of the cast was set up to be dispatched in a range of completely unnecessary ways – by circular saw disembowelling, mechanical bone claws, impalement and of course the aforementioned acid shower (which as you can imagine is something of a highlight). The effects were pretty good and considering all the BBFC censorship at the time, the camera wasn’t too shy around some of the more disgusting scenes. Naturally, there wasn’t a huge amount of coherence between each death, in fact now that I get onto it the antagonist of the movie was something in the way of an enigma! Throughout the movie there are several red herrings, but with one thing in common, the same person is seeing a faceless figure lurking just out of focus. It is never made clear who (or what) this figure is, or represents, but fundamentally it represents the movies ‘killer’ – naturally being the 90s the ending is something of a confusion which doesn’t help matters here.

Bizarre right? But actually, watch the movie and you see that for the most part this is a fairly conventional horror movie, gory with a couple of decent jump scares.

Overall, as I said in the opener I can seriously recommend this movie. It’s not going to blow you away, so don’t spend loads on it, however if you are in the mood for something that’s 90s and you haven’t seen before its worth checking out. Perfect as a double bill! We watched it with the ‘Convent’ – see Chris’ review for that, and it went down a treat!

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