It’s not very often at BTG we become a kipper but it seems with Krampus we became a Christmas cropper! Surely it’s not possible for 2 films in 2015 to bear the name ‘Krampus’ right? Right???? WRONG! Krampus has come to take a shit in your stocking and it is guaranteed to leave you feel disappointed on Christmas morning! 

For those not acquainted with the Krampus, in German folklore he is a horned, anthropomorphic figure punishing the children that have misbehaved through the year. In this rendition Krampus likes to bag up the naughty children in a sack and throw them in the icy river!

Jeremy, a local police officer has a troubled past, all he can remember from his childhood is being kidnapped one night and escaping the fate of many other children and avoiding the death river! He is determined to find the perpetrator of that traumatic night and makes it his duty to do so! What he discovers is that it was of course an attempt on his life from the Krampus, the brother of St. Nick carrying out his yuletide unpleasantries!

From here on in there’s a mish mash of scenes put together and a side plot involving a local mad man to try and fill the time, all of which are fairly disjointed and feel more like an effort to fill the air time rather than develop the plot. I can’t help feel that this would of been one of the many films that should of accepted its fate and rather than force a full feature just focus on a well put together short with the potential to lead to bigger and better things! Don’t get me wrong its only just over the hour mark so before you know it Krampus has whittled its time down and to give it credit there are actually a handful of scenes that are interesting, albeit not in the right light. Personally I literally laughed out loud at times, the fight scene at the bar was one of my particular favourites and a conversation between the sergeant and Jeremy after he is covered in blood is another memorable scene.

Just take a minute to think about the estimated budget on Krampus, $200,000…….if that figure is true I would love to see the breakdown of costs, it certainly wasn’t on effects or costumes, or production sets, the mind boggles!

Positives can be made from the fact that it is fairly entertaining, the actual Krampus has a grindhouse feel to it, the run time plays in its favour, there’s not really enough time to get too distracted and it doesn’t feel pretentious at all……it knows what it is. Plus there’s a set of bazookas in the cave scene that are 10/10!

Overall Krampus can only be recommended if you are a true Christmas fanatic and have to watch every horror related film for the festive time of year, my opinion best watched on in the background whilst doing other things.

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