Review: Leprechaun 4 – In Space


No prizes for guessing what this film is about, and if you have seen the previous 3 films then you know what to expect, plenty of silliness and the odd slosh of gore.

This time the leprechaun has taken a princess hostage and has recently been interfering with some intergalactic mining company. This isn’t really explained, but I guess they are mining somewhere near his stash of gold – and we know how he feels about his gold! In response, a ‘crack’ team of marines are sent to sort out the problem and eliminate the lep’.

Basically from the start the film has a rather similar feel to Cameron’s ‘Aliens’; a theme which is continued throughout the film. After the initial encounter the Lep’ is blown to bits but magically is transported onto the mother-ship within a marine’s penis. Yes, the creators of this film certainly have a mind for the absurd because in place of the chest buster, the lep’ is reborn by bursting, rather amusingly, out of the marine’s cock whilst he was being tossed off by the only female marine. Basically from then on he tries to get his captive (the princess) back by killing everyone else. Pretty much the same as all the other films! - except in this film he doesn’t seem that interested about his gold.

As you would expect the acting is quite crap, everyone except the Lep’ who is his usual amusing self. The dialog is equally poor and overall the plot certainly does feel a little tenuous and at times and doesn’t really explain itself. As a result this meant that at times the film did seem to drag a little and I found myself a couple of times checking how long was left. Still despite this the film did have some good features.

There was plenty of violence, not necessarily that gory but plenty of comedy deaths. Some highlights include the explosion of the Lep’ twice, and him cutting his own fingers off.

The film works too because it is actually funny, in parts. Some parts are plain awful, not so funny it’s bad awful as some suggest, but just awful, but every now an then there is the odd one liner which are actually funny and it does help keep the film moving along. The absurdity continues throughout the film which at least makes the film unpredictable and towards the end things pick up again; so really it’s just the middle which drags a little.

Overall Lep’ 4 isn’t the best of the franchise; the story is just a little bit abstract and at times is just ridiculous, however the film makers choice to effectively mimic ‘Aliens’ makes it a little bit more amusing and gave it some context. As a film its shit, if you didn’t like the original, you won’t like this. The acting etc is crap and really it just relies on the fact that you are already a fan of the franchise to mask the bad, leaving you focusing on the scattered good parts. If you’ve nothing better to do then watch it, it’s not terrible but the some of the others are a little better.

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