Review: Little Deaths


Anthologies for me personally are very hit and miss, sometimes all of the stories intertwine and sometimes they are completely separate and this makes it hard for me to stay engaged. Little Death's 3 stories are all unrelated but there's a dark theme that runs through all, sex, violence and death. If you aren't a fan of shocking cinema don't bother, this isn't easy viewing.

House & Home
House and Home is probably the darkest of all three segments. It follows a couple 'Richard' and 'Victoria' pretending to be heavy believers of faith and good Samaritans, taking in the homeless in order to give them warmth, food and shelter. The reality is a sick and twisted fetish. Where Richard is expected to lure in the helpless and spike their drinks so both can have their wicked way with them. Their next victim is 'Sorrow', an innocent homeless girl living out of tent and begging on the streets, she's lured in treated to a bath and a lamb dinner and a nice cocktail of drugs. When she wakes she has been stripped down and tied up ready for Richard and Victoria to do whatever they want with her. It's not before long that they discover that Sorrow isn't quite what she seems. In terms of graphic content House & Home is pretty strong, visually its disturbing and towards the end there is a little gore that I must say I was not expecting.

The problem is that the theme is that dark and realistic that the ending becomes something which I felt was too unfitting. This is a situation sadly enough that you could believe happens in modern day society and I guess the director had two options either keep it heavy and end on a truly sadistic note or make the ending surreal. He goes with the latter and I felt the authenticity was dropped in a flash, still solid acting and a grizzly topic make this the best of the three.


Mutant Tool
The second instalment is 'Mutant Tool'. In my opinion Mutant Tool is the weakest of the three, it shows of a Nazi experiment whereby the semen of a caged prisoner can be used to make drugs (which enable all sections of the brain giving you the biggest high). In summary a tied up man with the biggest fake dong I've ever seen with man juice dribbling out of the end in to a bucket can be used for drugs.

The main story follows a former hooker 'Jen', once on the game and addicted to drugs she is trying her best to stay clean. She visits a doctor (Dr. Reese) to see if he can give her any drugs to help with the cravings. Obviously he hands over the jizz pills and explains that she will have hallucinations, headaches, nightmares etc. In reality it gives her almost a psychic ability whereby the people she touches, she can see in to their past. It turns out her boyfriend 'Frank' (who used to be her pimp) has been kidnapping women and cutting out their kidneys to give to Dr. Reese. Apparently the Nazi experiment really gets off on eating blended kidneys. There's a twist at the end thrown in for good measure but by this point there's not much interest.
This section will provide something to those looking for something sick, in terms of blood and gore there's not massive amounts, you end up mainly with penis and a little nudity from Jen (although you don't really see anything).


The final section 'Bitch' is also hard hitting, violent and a shock to the senses. 'Claire', a receptionist is dating 'Pete' but is addicted to kinky sex with her man. I say kinky, she makes him pretend to be a dog so she can walk him around on a lead and then smash his back doors in with a strap-on. The irony here being that Claire has a phobia of dogs which physically makes her freeze any time she sees one. Claire treats Pete as dirt at every possible occasion, whether it's at work or at home, Pete is never given a break.

Bitch is an erotic story of revenge, where Pete finally reaches his breaking point. The end in Bitch is the most disturbing out of all three films here without a doubt. Claire is literally transformed into a bitch and is forced to face her biggest fear.

Overall Little Deaths is not easy viewing, they are 3 gritty English short films, filled with hate, violence, sex and some seriously disturbing scenes. Family viewing is not advised but if you're a fan of anthologies give it a go! Its definitely an hour and a half well spent if you want to watch a sick set of films even if the 2nd does let the team down slightly.

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