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Review: Lucifer Season 2


Everyone’s favourite devil is back – ‘Lucifer’ returns in season 2.

In the first season we are introduced to Lucifer (Tom Ellis) – the actual Morningstar who, bored with hell, has become somewhat settled on Earth surrounded by lavish lifestyles and all the vice that goes with it. Oddly enough, not content with owning a gentleman’s club and leading an enviable playboy lifestyle, he often accompanies Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and the LAPD as a consultant in their weirder crime investigations. Throw in a demon named Maze and an avenging Angel hell bent on sending Lucifer back to hell, and you have met the gang, and one hell of a good time.

If you followed the first season you will know that as a show, despite an odd concept, it was one of the more enjoyable and easy watching shows you could view, series 2 continues in the same vein, and despite a slow start, builds to a climax which makes it possibly more enjoyable than the first season as an overall – although the jury is still out on that one!

Season 2 follows directly from the climax of the first season, Lucifer’s mother (once trapped in Hell) has escaped to earth, Chloe’s life continues to be complicated as she has Lucifer one side, and a messy divorce on the other, Amenadiel tentatively works alongside Lucifer so long as it suits his agenda, Maze begins to stretch her demonic wings and decides to become a bounty hunter and all the whilst Lucifer is having counselling for the issues he has with being part of a rather dysfunctional family!

The series gets off to a slow-ish start but then again, there is a lot to set up. With things reaching quite a nice conclusion at the end of the first season I got the feeling that the series creators were struggling to find the happy medium between new plot/character introduction and the pace and excitement which comes as a create series reaches its conclusion; you may find some of the earlier episodes in season 2 somewhat disjointed in terms of tone and concept. In my review of the first season I eluded that, at times, the plot lines – particularly Lucifer’s involvement in the crime investigations felt a little forced and contrived, and here, in the earliest episodes of season 2 this little bugbear creeps back in; as I said, these early episodes don’t quite get the balance right between setting up the overarching series plot and the little episodic plots. That said, this feeling quickly goes away and by, say episode 4, these elements are ironically incorporated into the show as best as they ever have.

It doesn’t take long to get back into its stride and when it does I found the series to be even more enjoyable than the first (which I also thought was great) by the series climax.

There is a definite theme running through this series (and one which is a perhaps unintentionally meta) and that is growth. Once on its feet, the series really opens up and each of the characters, of whom I felt, in the first series, didn’t really get the focus they needed to gain their own identity from under the shadow of Ellis’ outstanding Lucifer portrayal gets their own sub-plot which gives them welcome added depth and dimension. This makes for some humorous viewing and plot excursions outside of the overarching Heaven/Hell plots. I felt that each character interaction in this series was engaging and there are many standout scenes which don’t even involve Lucifer, which was definitely not the case with the first series. That said, we do get our Lucifer fix in plenty, the counselling sessions and his continued ‘one liner’ harassment of Decker and her estranged husband provide some of the series most memorable moments. The plot strengthens and develops the lore of the series, so much so you will be baying for series 3 to arrive (internet tells me that this is due to air October 2017).

Overall, if you enjoyed the first series then acquiring the series 2 boxset is a no brainer, season 2 is as good, if not better than the already fantastic first season. If you are yet to get into the series I would definitely encourage you to check it out. It is a really easy watch show with great humour, unique plot lines and just enough intrigue each episode to get you hooked!

The Lucifer Season 2 box set is out 21st August courtesy of Warner Home Video.

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