Review: Malevolence


To be honest I’ve not a lot to say about this much hyped but extremely lacklustre chiller/slasher movie.

It begins with a botched bank robbery where one crook gets shot and another is forced to take hostages. From the bank they split up, aiming to meet later at a designated meeting place. When the first guy arrives one of his hostages (a little girl) escapes and as he chases after her he finds an abandoned factory, which is now home to a serial killer. The remaining thieves arrive and soon discover that the killer is after them too.

Sounds ok, but to tell you the truth it is actually just plain boring. It’s difficult to put your finger on what’s wrong with it as the acting, camera work and location etc are not bad, but the film as a whole just doesn’t hold your attention. When I think about it I think perhaps that it is the pitch of the film which causes most of the problems. It’s slow paced, so as to build up tension, but it’s not scary, it’s supposed to be realistic and so there is only about 4 people involved in the situation and as a result there isn’t much killing and when there is there is no gore. Just doesn’t deliver anything for the time you spend watching it.

The bag-over-his-head killer just looks like a rip off of Jason’s disguise in ‘Friday the 13th Part 2’ and isn’t really that menacing. Its not like he plans to kill them or anything just every now and then he just turns up. Having said that he could hardly go on a spree when there are only 4 people to kill - wouldn’t fill up the 90 minutes easily really.

Towards the end of the film there are a few jumpy moments, and the shrill synthesiser music both pisses you off and unsettles you at times. There are some little twist endings thrown in too.

Overall the fact that I have struggled to write this much reflects the film. I’m not going to slam it because some effort has obviously gone into it but it just needed one or the other, scary and creepy or body count. What we have overall is a very forgettable movie and one which is quite boring at times. Apparently it’s the middle film of what will become a trilogy at a later date, although quite how they are going to expand from this film is anyone’s guess.

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