Review: Maniac Cop


Probably the most famous part of this film is that it contains Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) who, in all honesty, is probably the only thing which separates it from the countless other films of this genre.  The films title pretty much sums up the films plot although the film does make a little bit more of it, it’s pretty much just that; a 7ft killer cop.

The films cinematography is very typical of the genre in that the video is grainy and often dark, which is probably more to do with budget than intended effect, and the murder scenes often centre around obscured views of the killer and close ups of weapons. In the case of other slashers, whose main twists tend to come from the revealing the identity of the killer, maniac cop need not have bothered as the killer is not built into any back story/relationship with the main characters and when you actually know anything about the killer you know are shown straight away who he is.

It is this attempt at subtly is what makes this film a bit of a let down, or perhaps my expectations were too high. I see Bruce Campbell and a tag line ‘you have the right to remain silent… forever’ and I think gore, plain and simple. But that is really what is missing. The death are plentiful but after about 3 minutes of stalking the fatality is often lack lustre, some blood sprays but most often we have to settle for blood on the blade or worse, boring old broken neck! Sure the violence is there, often quite brutal, and there is some mild gore just not nearly enough to make this film as good as it should have been.

Overall maybe I nit-pick, it’s better than a lot of rubbish from that era, but I just can’t help feeling it missed its full potential. You won’t see it uncut on the telly for a while but it’s just not gory enough.

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