Review: Mirrors 2


After the commercial success of Aja’s remake ‘Mirrors’ a sequel was inevitable.

I get the idea in my head that several scripts were sent to the studio, but none were sufficient in moving the story past ‘a spirit in the mirror who kills people’; and of course, the original demon/spirit was destroyed, so that couldn’t be used either. So effectively, ‘same department store, new spirit trapped who kills those who have wronged’ it would be all the plot could go on without some serious talent on the screenplay to back it up.
So the compromise, cash in on the name, zero budget, reasonable returns from those who can’t believe the formula would fail. Voila: ‘Mirror’s 2’.

I’m not in any way being particularly facetious; hell I thought that the movie was actually quite watchable, but 3 decent gore scenes and one bird with massive tits showering for ten minutes was likely to keep the majority of people from figuring out that aside from this the movie offers nothing!

The plot, pretty much as described above, features a different branch of the ‘Mayflower’ store, same mirror oddly enough, and a new ghost; this time of a young girl. Enter a new night-watchman who has to appease her spirit by unravelling what it is that she wants and put an end to her murderous killing spree. The plot is obvious, the characters boring, mind numbingly stupid, and despite the fact that the movie could have branched out a little bit on the whole cultural significances of haunted mirrors, it manages to tick the box for every bad horror cliché though-out its 80minute run time.

The gore, of which was a massive selling point of the first movie, does make a limited return in the sequel, in fact, those three scenes mentioned in the opening paragraphs are pretty much the movies only selling point. One decapitation, one scene of glass chomping and a disembowelling are surprisingly effective and the effects are very gruesome indeed. When you consider that these scenes are all within the first half and hour or so, at the beginning of the movie I was thinking a score of 3 stars, and if it carried on like this I would have been a happy-ish man!

Sadly though, the gore stops after these murders, and the remainder of the movie plods on and on, forcing the cast to deliver poor quality dialogue to expand on a dull plot which could be summed up in 2 sentences. Add in some really poor acting, most notably from two cop characters who I was never sure were supposed to be a comedy duo or not, and you have a movie which struggles to reach the 2 star mark.

Overall ‘Mirrors 2’ manages to generate some interest to begin with, but is nothing more than a cash in. Just watch the first one again, or rent it if you must, but it’s certainly not an experience you will want to revisit.

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