Review: Moontrap


With ‘Gravity’ and ‘Interstellar’ being big hits last year, the Sci-fi thriller genre, it seems, is back in full flight!  Now then would be the perfect time to remind cinema goers everywhere that spaces definitive lunar terror movie ‘Moon-Trap’ is well overdue some attention.

Whilst Hollywood spend millions of dollars on CGI, scripts and self-idolising actors, ‘Moon trap’ proves that all you need is someone who’s familiar with space acting in the form of Star Trek’s Walter Koenig, a robot threat who propagates out of whatever junk is lying around and Bruce Campbell to get the job done – and, of course, some honest to goodness can do attitude.

Yes it’s finally here, after years and years of waiting a decent transfer of the 1988 B-Movie classic courtesy of 88 Films. Anyone who knows this film will be leaving my review right about now to simply go and purchase the movie, but for those of you who don’t give me 500 words in order to convince you to do so!

The plot of the movie sets itself apart from most ‘Alien’ clones of the time by setting the movie in space, rather than the cheap-ass earth invasion plot line. In this case, as you might imagine, on (or near in the first instance) the moon. When two of NASA’s finest are up performing routine fly-bys of the moon they intercept a massive space vessel, they go aboard the seemingly derelict craft to discover the remains of a 40,000 year old corpse and an inert egg. Ok, well that is a bit of an Alien rip off I will be honest – for arguments sake let’s call it a homage – what follows certainly isn’t. Once on earth the egg opens revealing a dormant terror, an AI which can rebuild itself into a killing machine using humanities 1980s technology! Determined to investigate this further Walter and Bruce, I mean ‘Einstein’ and ‘The Penetrator’ (I shit you not) go up to the moon to find the source of these creatures only to find that they have been bated into a 40,000 year old trap – hence the title ‘Moon Trap’.

If the plot wasn’t enough, please take the time to view the trailer – pure B-Movie magic. This movie really does have everything, and please don’t mistake my jovial nature for trying to promote something which is ‘so-bad-its-good’, this is actually a really entertaining movie. The script is really amusing, very tongue in cheek and ladened with every cliché and scientific inaccuracy going to explain the absurd plot, and it knows it. The actors seem to be having great fun with their perspective roles and the chemistry between the lead roles really pays off. The locations in space are actually pretty cool and whilst the polystyrene boulders and model landers are far from convincing the dingy backdrop of space and interesting set-designs are far more varied and engaging than the budget would normally dictate.

The real pick-me-up value in this movie however comes from the killer robot threat. The action scenes which feature the giant killer-machines are really amusing. The effects on these creatures aren’t bad at all and the creature design does well to make something out of comparatively nothing. The movies violence doesn’t stray much beyond child-suitable, but there are several pitch battles, complete with pyrotechnics and lasers, which conjure up all sorts of nostalgic memories of sitting in bed in awe of Channel 4’s late night B-Movie. All in all a damn good round up.

Overall, to round up this somewhat one sided review the 88 Films release of ‘Moon Trap’ is a re-mastered classic which any self respecting horror fan needs to pick-up!

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