Review: Nazi Zombie Death Tales


‘Nazi Zombie Death Tales’ is the follow up anthology to ‘Bordello Death Tales’ from low budget maestros Ronald, Eaves and Higgins. This time round each of the tales has a war time plot, which despite a somewhat narrow theme, manages to provide the backdrop for a nice range of stories, which despite the rather misleading title, only one of which is actually about Nazi zombies!

The first story ‘Medal of Horror’ is a simple but unique tale which kicks off the trilogy. On, or near the front lines, a reluctant soldier is sent on a suicide mission into a Nazi bunker to retrieve the kidnapped daughter of the general. After a rather length exposition as to the reasons why that specific soldier was chosen he begins his mission. After quickly identifying that this wasn’t going to be his way, he manages to blunder his way through the story until the final battle. In true tales from the crypt homage there is a nice little final comeuppance scene which closes the story.

The pace is suitably good, and there is sufficient silliness throughout, although all the ‘randomness’ doesn’t quite cover up some quite awful effects and a hideously cheap battle scene which is clearly a group of mates tromping through British woodland! Enjoyable, but nothing ground breaking.

The trilogy continues back in Britain with the second story ‘Harriet’s War’, a tale of a supernatural investigator who is trying to solve a bizarre double homicide. Clearly linked to the Nazi’s in some way (the first body had swastikas carved into his body), Harriet must try to succeed where the police have failed.  In this story, which is much more dialogue driven, filled with some nice little twists, the plot is much more engaging than in the first, he characters are more quirky and memorable and the mystery element of the plot adds to the episodes appeal. The ending perhaps lacked the vigour I thought it was building up to, most distinctly the lack of any real violence, but it never the less was a satisfying story.

The final Story ‘Devils of the Blitz’ by Pat Higgins gets off to a far snappier start than any of the others. Clearly reusing a set and special effects from the first tale, this tale takes us back to the front line. ‘Devils of the Blitz’ tells an unusual tale of a demonic army who are thriving off the chaos of the Second World War. An injured soldier, hideously mutilated by one of the creatures must fight the creatures on the front line, whilst a subplot showing his family back home must fight them in their own house! As you might have guessed already the trilogy saved the best for last. The off the wall story, which may have seemed absurd in a full length movie, suits the anthology structure perfectly with its thirty minutes well-paced with violence and some pretty cool creature effects scattered within brief story telling scenes. This is certainly the most credible of the three tales and an excellent closer to what is a cheap, but likable anthology.

Overall, if anthologies are your bag and can tolerate cheaper than cheap film making ‘Nazi Zombie Death Tales’ will suit you on a Saturday night. It is certainly nothing ground breaking and despite the potential it isn’t as gory as the ‘Bordello death tales’ but the range of stories should compensate.

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