Review: Night Of The Demons


Ahhhhhhhh dear. What can I say? It took me three nights to watch this. Each time as painful as the last.

I’ll make a start with the good points just to be a little bit fair, make up and effects aren’t TOO bad, there not great but I’ve seen a lot worse. You can actually tell that there is some form of budget behind this film. After all it did make it to the big screen in America! I believe that’s about all folks. What a shame!

Ok now that’s done I can move on to the bad points. Acting, pretty poor. Script, horrendous in parts. Plot is mediocre. Ending is long winded and plain. Before you start thinking this film is not my cup of tea just take a minute! Demons one and two are among my favourite films for both comedy value and fun monster gore. This is neither.

Without bashing this film too hard I’ll let you know how the general story pans out. We have a Halloween party at a “creepy” setting for the usual pack of teens. After a spiritualistic game goes wrong a “demon” is let loose and enters one of the teens. Who then goes about attacking the others and in turn makes them demons too. WOO! The problem is I find that even after the demons are hunting their prey etc there is never really enough going on for me to either care about who lives or dies, or to really care about what is happening!

Like I said before there are a few effects that are nice and the make up is pretty good in parts. But also on the flip side of this sometimes the demons look ridiculous!!

All in all it almost angers me that this film isn’t good. I like fun, gory, silly films and this should fit the bill completely! It just doesn’t. Some of you may like it but personally I just can’t, not compared to the likes of “Demons 1 or 2”. However we have seen worse than this, take that how you like.

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