I’m assuming that as you have shown any interest at all in a film entitled ‘NUTBAG’ you are not too fussed about its commercial success. Director Nick Palumbo, the guy who brought us ‘Murder Set Pieces’, attempts to bring us an insight to the mind of a serial killer, much along the lines of ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’. What he actually brings us is some pretty uninspiring babble from the mindset of a killer whose best friend is a spider called Heinrich and a film which in many respects is about as thoughtful as asking terminally ill children what they want to be when they grow up.

As the title suggests, ‘NUTBAG’ is not really a film which you can take very seriously; it is in no way enlightening and I don’t feel any closer to grasping the complexities of what drives a man to kill.

That’s not to say it’s a complete waste of time. If you have seen MSP you know that Mr Palumbo’s talent does not really lie in the ability to make movies, but to put on screen the most unnecessary amount of fine women and a tsunami of blood. ‘NUTBAG’ is basically just that – an excuse for tits and gore.

The story is non-existent; in fact the bullshit about the killer’s inner thoughts is easily the weakest part of the film. It’s not even slightly clever or deep, it’s just clichéd bollocks about the state of the world and how whores are parasites. Most of these scenes are monologues with some really cheesy synthesizer music, which although catchy at first, begins to piss you off by the end!

The gore is slightly better, as is the nudity. The film is not particularly gory in the sense of guts, but simply very violent with plenty of blood spraying around the place (albeit most of it is on the walls!). We see some nice close ups of knifes in necks and plenty of women begging for their life. The women too are all very fine, presumably show girls from Las Vegas (where the film was shot).

Overall what we have is a very transparent film. But in its own way (as with MSP) it is the films simplicity which gives it some charm. If it had tried to be complicated it would just come across as pretentious whereas what we have is some dialogue which just about scrapes together as a plot, but we all know that it’s just an excuse to get some tits and gore on film! What ever else you can take away from this movie you will feel like you got value for money as, although its only 80 odd minutes long, you fell as you have been watching it a whole lot longer!

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