Review: One Eyed Monster


One Eyed Monster.... A cock basically. How do you possibly begin to write a review about a movie whose main antagonist is an alien-possessed Wang? In fact how do you even make a 90 minute movie about the topic. Well, a secret weapon so to speak, its not just any cock, its Ron Jeremy's 9.75 incher!

Well that changes everything...

Its true, this movies plot has to be taken with a pinch of salt. On the set of a rather cheep porno production an ill-fated Ron, who plays himself, is out taking a piss when a bright light descends from the sky. Later, on the set, when Ron is doing what he does best something a little strange happens... his cock detaches itself from his body and runs off into the wilderness. Trapped in their remote filming location by a snow storm, the remainder of the cast must fight for survival against a rampant penis who sees any open orifices as an opportunity to spread its extra terrestrial seed.

The acting from a lot of the cast isn't great, its all filmed on a cheap set rather than on location and the special effects are reflective of a budget which is clearly non-existent, but if you can look past this, you will find a blinding performance by Jason Graham and an imaginative script with some pretty amusing moments.

It's quite obvious that the movie had no budget to speak of. Most of the action is done off screen, there is no gore, and most of the creature effects are used in a few scenes towards the end of the movie. This is a little frustrating, especially at the beginning of the movie, where instead of watching the kills we see lingering camera shots of the other casts reactions to what is happening. Thankfully this does get a little more bearable once the movie gains some momentum, as the script gets tighter and the casts responses to their plight get more an more amusing, specifically their ideas for luring and capturing the 'beast' which involved a pair of scatty keks and a fan!

Towards the end of the movie does grow on you, forgiving the slightly slow start. There is loads of pretty silly, but effective toilet humour and the dead pan tone of the movie, in which the actors act as if its serious, provides some excellent one liners. As I said, the movie does gain momentum once it gets going, meaning that the pace, something which I thought was going to kill the movie, is actually pretty good.

Overall, this movie does pretty well considering the rather limited concept. It is obviously restricted by its budget, the lack of gore in particular hampers it and the creature attacks are a little lacklustre, but its definitely amusing enough for a watch and the pace keeps it rolling along nicely. If a silly plot and innuendo appeals to you I doubt you will be disappointed, however, if you are after a sensible monster movie I think you should look else where; One Eyed Monster is about as subtle as its title.

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