Review: Paranormal Activity 4


The Paranormal series returns to show its latest offering in Paranormal Activity 4, fans of the PA films will admit themselves that the idea is as stale as an old batch however that doesn't mean it can't make for a truly scary film! Personally being a fan of all of the Paranormal films even I doubted that the 4th instalment would account for much but I was nicely surprised. Of course you're going to have people bash the hell out of it because of its originality, and I couldn't agree more, it's more of the same here, no new techniques, nothing we haven't seen before. If you watched all of the others and didn't like them much, then watched the 4th and slated it....more fool you because I wouldn't watch a 4th movie if I didn't like the other 3!!!!

The movie starts with the ending of the 2nd film (bizarrely), where it shows Katie killing her sister Kristi along with the rest of the family and running away with Kristi's son, Hunter. The story jumps to five years down the line where we are with a new family and focusing on two siblings Alex and Wyatt, and Alex's boyfriend Ben. When new neighbours move in across the street a little boy called Robbie starts to turn up in the strangest of places. Robbie's mum gets rushed to hospital one night and the family take Robbie in. After a few strange occurrences Ben decides to use all of the laptops around the house as recording devices to see just what is happening through the night! As you can imagine this is where the majority of the scares occur.

The innocence of Alex helps with the tension as most of the footage is real time and takes place when she is using the Web Cam on her laptop to talk to her boyfriend, only we can see what is behind her! What is still confusing for me is why these people decide to stay put and try and make themselves believe nothing is really going on, I'm telling you now as soon as something gets thrown at me in my own house or a creepy kid watches me while I sleep, I'm outta there!!! The addition of the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor in the front room, as a ghost detector is pretty cool, it uses the infrared tracking dots in complete darkness to see if its picks up anything. Personally I think I would rather not know!

There are a few jumpy scares but the majority of the time it's just simple tension building, letting you believe something is going to happen.....when night time comes you know something is coming and it's not going to be nice. The pace stays steady throughout and rarely did I feel bored. Some might not feel patient enough to wait around for scares but just like its 3 predecessors it does follow the 'scare, relax, rinse and repeat' formula.

In terms of story its definitely not ground breaking and even though I have no doubt there will be a 5th instalment I can't really see how it could be a good addition. It's time to lay the Paranormal films to rest!

Overall you won't be blown away by PA4, it is just another notch in the series but if like me you are a fan its definitely worth a watch............nothing better to do on a Saturday night, give it a blast! Turn the lights off and crank up the volume!!

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