The Cleansing Hour is a short with the aim to generate interest and become a full feature in the future and this is without a doubt a project that deserves it. Director Damien LeVeck has created a 20 minute burst of thoroughly entertaining footage with the aim of leaving viewers and potential investors ‘wanting more’.

We are living in the age of digital streaming, there are a number of platforms where you can sit back and watch content of any nature as its happening. The Cleansing Hour is here to bring you live exorcisms…… although the concept of a live-stream exorcism for the sake of an eager audience sounds farfetched, I have actually witnessed streams of Ouija board sessions, séances and haunted house explorations, it’s all out there!! 

The plot follows two failed filmmakers, Lance and Drew, who have fraudulently capitalised on the streaming industry and also the gullibility of viewers by broadcasting live ‘exorcisms’ through their show ‘The Cleansing Hour’ – of course this is all just one big hoax on an elaborate scale. Their latest cleansing is a girl called Heather (Heather Morris, Glee) strapped into the possession chair ready to start the charade of being expelled of any demons. Finally after the stage is set, rigged with various events that can be scripted by the directors the show goes live.

As the exorcism gets going it becomes clear that Heather is actually possessed by a real demon. It’s up to ‘Father’ Lance to try and perform a real exorcism in front of millions of viewers…..

The exorcism itself is both funny and terrifying – the panic on the faces of the two producers when they both realise its gone south is a picture to be seen! Effects are on point and the footage really has been shot/put together well, this is a brilliant exhibition of how to make a short. Production value is clearly very sharp and it’s good to see that the funding from the kickstarter has been utilised, consider this money well spent.  

I genuinely hope this project gets picked up and gets its full feature, Damien LeVeck has showcased an eye for detail and has created a ridiculously enjoyable 20 minute short where the BTG office were definitely left wanting to see more! 

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