Review: Pieces


Pieces is without a doubt one of the most underrated slasher movies out there. Despite receiving only praise from critics, and being one of only a few slasher movies to actually have on screen chainsaw deaths, it is yet another classic slasher release to get the coveted 'Arrow Special Edition' treatment. The full works on this one.

Pieces makes no effort to hide its intent. With one (of many) taglines stating ‘it’s exactly what you think it is’, make no bones about it, pieces is a thoroughbred cult slasher. The plot simply follows a series of random murders of coeds in a US collage, aside from the killings, the rest of the films focus is on the police as they clutch at straws trying to catch the perpetrator who appears to be building some sort of human jigsaw from stolen body parts. I got to be honest, whilst the plot is pretty thin it doesn’t seem that the film is careering through without direction and there are enough subplots and coherence to at least give the impression there was a script.

In the vein of the movie I will jump straight into what really shines on this release; the gore. The movie opens as we see a young boy completing a naughty jig-saw, and, as the last piece of bush gets placed in, his mum catches him. She goes mental; he cuts her up with an axe! Naturally the police don’t suspect him and 30 or so years later he is still free to kill again. Thankfully the axe is gone and now we are onto the chainsaw. ‘Bloody’ is how I would describe the content in this movie. It’s not as hardcore as the gore in films like ‘The intruder’ or ‘The Prowler’ but then I don’t think the film was going for the brutal approach. A decent amount of the action is shown but most of the sickest shots are aftermath shots where we see severed appendages, guts and gallons of blood. Whilst the slayings aren’t particularly drawn out, the body count is up there with the best of them and in all honesty you don’t have to wait more than say 10 minutes at a time before the next kid gets the chop. Despite the absence of a known gore master, the effects are still really good and each death is as pleasing as the other.

In terms of the rest of the content, well, it’s as you would expect. Mainly unknown actors doing a halfway decent job with a limited script, it’s got all the usual levels of sleaze, pretty girls and plenty of innuendo. To top it off there are even some well received one liners scattered here and there to enforce a party type atmosphere.

Overall if you like slasher movies seek this movie out, if you've already seen it, then get be sure you update your collection with this high-def jam packed release and bask in its gory glory once more!

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