Review: Pirahna


Piranha was designed to jump on the success of Jaws. Roger Corman was known for producing films that were imitations of more successful movies and I'm glad to see that he was also the producer of 'The Terror Within' an hilarious creature feature. As with most old school films its had its Blu-Ray transfer which gave us a good opportunity to check it out.

There's no doubt about the fact that Piranha is camp, cheesy and a cult favourite and it has definite charm.
Personally I take Piranha as a light hearted creature movie with scenes that are fun and plenty of gore to keep the pace alive. However if you are looking for a serious true to science film, you won't find it here......some of the Piranha's can walk, enough said.

A couple break in to an abandoned military test site for a midnight dip, little do they know that the pool they are about to dive head first into is a breeding ground for Piranha's, deadly Piranha's that have been tested and evolved over the years as a military weapon developed for the Vietnamese War against the NVA to destroy their eco system. Obviously the Piranha's enjoy their meal and one of the parents of the now chomped teens sends a PI to find out where they have gone. The PI investigates the site with a local drunk and end up releasing the beasts in to the river. The same river where said drunks daughter is at holiday camp. It's a race against time to stop the Piranha's before they have dinner.

Effects and gore are used pretty well, even the Piranha attacks aren't too bad for the time......the shots of Piranha's swimming are hilarious (apparently these were done by attaching plastic Piranha's to sticks in the water) brilliant! The noise of the Piranha's is also something you won't miss, its epic!!! You won't see much in the way of gore until the latter half of the film but once it gets going it is pretty cool and the Piranha's are truly vicious!

When you get a chance check out the outtakes under the special features section, just to see how good the Blu-Ray transfer is....these obviously haven't been transferred and it really does give you a true comparison of just how good it is. The picture is crisp.

Overall good creature films are few and far between, but Piranha is up there with the best. Once the pace gets going its 80's charm comes out in style and you won't be disappointed. The Blu-Ray transfer is well worth the investment so add it to your collection.

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