Review: Rawhead Rex


Well if the box doesn’t put you off then I suppose you, as I did, have faith in the name Clive Barker. I purchased this film under 2 pretences first that some people say that this film is terrifying; others say the film is shit.

I will let you know at the end of the review which camp I decide to join.

The plot of this movie is pretty simple actually. The tomb of a sleeping demon type monster called ‘RawHead’ is uncovered in a village in island. Whilst the monster runs about killing various Irish people, the police seemingly powerless to stop him, it’s up to a visiting American anthropologist to solve the riddle hidden inside the picture of a reconstructed stain glass window in the local church. That’s it, quite slimmed down from that of ‘Hellraiser’ isn’t it?

The pace of the film is a bit all over the place, the scenes with the monster are quite entertaining but too often there is too much uninteresting dialog which occupies far to much screen-time.

Well I’m afraid things only get worse from here on.

First mistake, the game is given up too early. The monster appears within the first 5 minutes and it looks shit. Really really shit. So shit in fact, that if it hadn’t been for the serious setup to the film, I would have thought it a spoof. It’s clearly a man in full body suit with the cheapest ass mask I have ever seen. The eyes just make the creature look deranged rather than terrifying.

So basically the devil returns and all he wants to do is kill country folk? - Apparently so, oh and possess a few.

The killings themselves are not bad, but the 15 rating naturally halters the course of things. On a few occasions we see some blood squirting, some guts from torn corpses but most of the killing just involved the monster holding them up in front of them whilst they write around in front of him; I assume he’s biting them.

Overall, it was disappointing. You can excuse the dodgy cover design; but when the rest of the film is that dodgy? - You decide. If the monster looked a little better then perhaps I might have been a little more tolerant of the rest of the films short comings but sadly I was less than impressed overall. It’s not the worse film ever and it’s not going on the list, but considering some of Clive Barker’s other book to film conversions it’s just not really worth recommending at all. It looked exceedingly amateur and a plot which anyone could have written.

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