Review: REC 2


This is the sequel to the excellent Spanish horror film "REC", which received a 9/10 from G.

If you haven’t seen the first film or it’s basically shot for shot American remake “quarantine”, then stop reading and go and watch it, steal a DVD if you have to. Just don’t read this; it will ruin the first film for you.

The sequel picks up moments after the end of the first film; in fact the last shot of the first film, the heroine being dragged away is the opening shot of the sequel.

The action quickly shifts to inside a back of a van filled with 4 swat team like officers on there way to the incident. The film is shot in the same style as the first, seeing through a camera held by a character. In this case its one of the officers, they’ve been ordered to go in & clear the building and document everything, hence the camera. The remaining 3 soldiers also have helmet mounted cameras and we jump to them when necessary.

The team arrive and are met by a doctor who is put in charge and leads them into the building. They make a B-line for the penthouse apartment and find all the religious and scientific clippings and equipment we glimpse in the first film.

As you can imagine this serenity doesn’t last and they soon hear noises elsewhere and go to investigate. They come up against resistance and the doctor uses his own unexpected skills to subdue the assailant. I don’t want to say more about that, because although it’s not really hard to figure out the truth on your own, I don’t like revealing big story points.

Anyway, we carry on following the swat team while they look for what they came for, until the camera gets broken half way through the film.

We then jump back to the beginning of this films timeline and follow a trio of curious/stupid kids who sneak into the building to see what’s what, they also have a camera as they’d been filming an attempt to make a sex doll fly with the aid of fireworks. This leads to an excellent kill later on involving a firework. 

Anyway, the storyline quickly converge and with the help of the kids the swat team work out where they need to go.

This final section of the film is excellent and the film-makers had some inspired ideas for the final scenes. But I can’t reveal more without ruining it.

Before this film was even released the film-makers announced that a 3rd film was also planned for release in 2011, so this film has, what is normally, the problem of being the middle film of a trilogy. Normally the middle film doesn’t have its own beginning or end, that’s the other films jobs, but this doesn’t feel like that. Ok, you won’t know what the hell is going on if you haven’t seen the first film, but as the first gave so few secrets away this has a lot more story than a lot of middle films usually do. And of course it sets the scene for the final (I assume) film.

Despite the greater level of story development, this film feels like a continuation of the first one, mostly because all 3 films are made by the same writing/directing duo and that’s no bad thing. And I for one cannot wait for the next film.

For all those of you who didn’t see REC and plumped for Quarantine instead, I suggest you get used to reading subtitles and watch this film. While a sequel to quarantine is being made, it’s got nothing to do with this film. Which doesn’t surprise me considering some of the content matter in this film; it has things Hollywood keeps away from on the whole.

So simply put you need to see this film, if you haven’t seen the first one, get them both. Forget the American remake, although I’m interested to see what comes of the American sequel as it’s reportedly so different.

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