Review: REC 3 Genesis


REC3:Genesis takes the REC films in a new direction (much to the disapproval of diehard fans) and ditches the atmospheric handy cam sequences for something a bit more in your face....zombies gore and humour. Personally I didn't see this coming, I hadn't read anything to do with the movie including any other reviews and my knowledge was limited literally to the trailer. We took it at face value and actually ended up really enjoying the film.

I think peoples biggest problem with the third film is that it's pretty much a standalone, it has nothing in common with the prequels (other than zombies) but apart from that the locations are different, the people are different and the story really isn't related in anyway.

The story follows a couple 'Clara' and 'Koldo', on their wedding day. Surrounded by loved ones and having the most rememberable day of their lives. One of the guests is having a mare of a night, fumbling around throwing up, he looks the worst for's only when he decides to throw himself from the balcony that the wedding is well and truly crashed. When people go to help they suddenly realise it's not an ambulance he needs but a priest. The wedding becomes under full siege when more of these 'infected' monsters burst through the windows and doors tearing into the nearest piece of human flesh they can find.

In the heat of the moment Clara and Koldo become separated. They both face a struggle for survival with various different members of the family/friends. Up to this moment the film was all recorded in its usual REC style - POV. Koldo grabs the camera that someone is still recording and breaks it....from here on in the rest of the film is shot just like any other film. Obviously still following the survivors on their quest but without the shaky cam. Something most people have hated as it affects the 'real' feel of the film but nevertheless the film is fully immersive. You really want the couple to be reunited and just to survive!

The gore has been ramped up to the roof, the effects are gruesome and there is some serious splatter to be enjoyed! The demons/zombies if you like look authentic and their thirst for blood is unquestionable. There is some humour to be found, when Koldo finds his suit of armour from St. George to tackle the evil demons it's hard not to laugh, Clara also gets her chance to be kick ass when she discovers a chainsaw and goes ballistic with it!

There's  a lot of religious and demonic overtones and at times I can't help but sniff a hint of 'Dusk til Dawn', something I wouldn't of expected after the dark tone of the first two films.

Overall REC3:Genesis takes the REC series in a whole new direction, the fan boys will disapprove as it is so different from the first two films but if you take is as a standalone film you won't be disappointed. The gore is plentiful, the plot is interesting including the finale, and the humour is a nice touch. A definite edition to anyone's zombie collection.

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