Review: Red Room


The concept of ‘how far would you go for a large sum of money’ has been broached by many a director, but despite several so-so attempts nothing has quite satisfied; until now that is.

Think, and think hard, if you had the opportunity to get two people to do anything thing you want to each other, without repercussions from the law, and for the chance to win a vast fortune of cash, what would do, how sick would it be? 

Director Daisuke Yamanouchi shows us just how sick it can be in a 70 minute no holds barred game show called the ‘King Game’. The rules of the game are simple, four players, four cards, one with a king on it, the others having the numbers one to three. The rules of the game are simple, the king chooses two numbers which correspond to two of the players and picks a task for them to complete. The task can be anything the king chooses, and the two selected must comply or they forfeit their place in the game. Each player is desperate for the money and in the early, tamer sections of the game; no player wants to give in. It’s not long before some of the players begin to show their darker side and things get worse.

A lot worse actually, and this is the strength of the movie. It is definitely up there as one of the sickest movies I’ve ever watched; and with each game getting progressively worse, I found it hard to believe that the actors were willing to do the things asked, even if it was just acting, but to my surprise, they commit fully. There are no camera cuts, nothing insinuated, just each perverse act carried out full length in all their glory.

The movie is not particularly gory although much of the movies violence is pretty grim and sadistic. There are a few scenes of some over the top blood sprays but for the most part much of the violence is limited to people being slapped about, as well as some unorthodox torture methods. Towards the end some weapons are used, but again the damage caused is relatively tame, with just plenty of blood being the result.

The movies true controversy lies in it's less than savoury sexual content. There is plenty of insinuated rape, carried out in the most dehumanising scenarios of course. Although you don’t get to see any chuff, there are some scenes of titty licking, fucking and fingering which wouldn’t look at all out of place in a porno. I’m trying really hard not to reveal too much of the material for fear of spoiling the experience for you, but let’s just say one particular highlight comes in the form of a light bulb and a rather savage entry!

I’m determined not to say anymore so I will round the review off here.

Overall ‘Red Room’ is a perfect addition to the library of fan of exploitation. Be warned though this is not some Italian sleaze-fest, this is genuinely nasty stuff. If you enjoy torture movies and snuff mock-ups such as ‘Grotesque’ and the Guinea Pig series then you will absolutely love this film. Similarly, if you intend to upset someone close to you who has a nervous disposition, then this would be a good way to do it; I won’t ever look at a light bulb in the same way again! This one’s not a clanger at all; it truly is 70 minutes of pure filth!

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