Review: Resident Evil Degeneration


There is a certain irony about the title of this animated movie, in that we have already seen 4 games and 3 movies based on the 'Raccoon City' manufactured 'T-Virus', and, whilst the computer games have moved onto a different source of zombie creation it would appear that some just won't let the old idea go.

The film is set after the Raccoon City outbreak, and for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, basically a zombie virus got loose and killed everyone, then resurrected them! This time a terrorist group determined to expose the aid group 'Tri-Cell', whom they believe have engineered a similar virus and are testing it on the unfortunate in the third world. They release the virus into an airport to generate attention to the subject and prove that the T-Virus has not been destroyed as promised. Character 'Claire Redfield' (Resident Evil 1) must relive the terror and attempt to destroy the virus in the airport and trace it back to its origins.

The plot is not desperately deep I've got to be honest, just the usual cover up conspiracy theory and for all intents and purposes it really does just feel like the storyline for a game rather than a movie. The film itself moves along like you are simply watching one of the old games being played for you, not in terms of animation, that's top notch, but in terms of bad guys and the way the game goes from residential locations to a lab environment, just like in the Resident Evil Zero,1,2 and 3 games!

The bosses too are present, and as with the games they look beautifully animated, with the surreal growth of limbs and their bizarre eye placements, in fact, they even come in several stage battles, and take environmental damage, just like in the games.

In all honesty, that's the thing with this movie, its just been done before so many times. Its the same as the games, so much so that other than watching the movie at times I felt myself getting all nostalgic and wanting to dig out the original series and play them through on my GameCube (resident evil 3: Nemesis, now that was the tits!!!!)

Overall this is a fairly redundant story line and because its essentially been done 4 times prior it comes across as a pretty lacklustre movie; I really wonder why they didn't release a movie based on the new 'Uro Boros' parasite storyline. Fans of the franchise will probably agree with me that this is nothing but mediocre, and for people who know nothing of the Resident Evil story line there are better zombie movies out there!

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