Review: Rubber


Well, where to start on this one. ‘Rubber’, a self-reflective oxymoron, part amusing, mostly pretentious film about a tyre that kills people with telepathic powers. Simply put, you will love or hate it.

If you think this movie is a spoof, think again, it claims to be, in a rather cheesy monologue, a tribute to the lack of reason in cinema; all those moments where there is no reason behind some key plot elements. To give you an example, why is E.T. brown? - No reason.

So why a film about a killer tyre - well, and wait, all gasp for a director/writer so clever it clearly will blow you mind! - There’s no reason.


Of course then for those of you who want to get truly involved in this, and I hate to nit-pick, but doesn’t choosing a particular scene or indeed a whole concept for a movie for simply being meaningless, give it reason?

Oh Dear!

Anyhow, the plot sees this tyre simply rolling down a piece of road and blowing the shit out of certain people, or objects given the motive,all the mean while an eager group of onlookers watch the spectacle unravel. There is another side plot running through the movie, that indeed the people encountering the tyre are aware they are in a film. Sound bizarre? Actually it’s fairly easy to keep up, the question is would you want to?

Well simply, not really. There are many set pieces in this movie, leaning to the whole ‘no reason’ concept, which just end up being dull and boring. The dialogue which is supposed to reflect witty banter just comes across cheap and the characters delivering it are forgettable and irritating.The movies biggest issue is there is no real depth to any of its scenes or metaphors. Directors, namely Cronenberg and Lynch, often managed to draw you in to their movies with many social and political undertones which cascaded through vibrant and disorientating surrealist scenes which had both purpose and context. This movie doesn’t, and even on the ‘no reason’ mantra, lots happen for a reason in context of the plot, it’s just that it wasn’t very interesting when it did.

The only reason to watch this movie is simply the gore scenes, in particular the several head explosion scenes which a scattered throughout the films brief 70 minute run time. The effects are good and the explosions are nice and gruesome.

Overall, clearly wanting to straddle the line into surrealist cinema ‘Rubber’, as this review was intending to reflect, simply comes across as smug. Being boring in parts, and then identifying with you the audience, through an audience in the movie, that it is indeed being boring doesn’t make it any less boring! In fact ironically enough I got that without any exposition! To be honest there are plenty of movies which are just completely boring save for a few scattered gore scenes, the difference is, those movies don’t think they are clever than you are!

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