Review: Run and Kill


‘Run and Kill’ is one of the lesser known of the early 90s Asian Cat: an III movie available and as such was a recent discovery for me. When I say available, naturally I mean a really shitty from video transfer with subtitles which barely fit on the screen and a mono soundtrack, all of which is not available in the UK and has to be imported from the US.

In the depraved spirit of the 90s CAT:III surge, ‘Kill and Run’ follows suit providing a tasteless insight to the Asian underworld. In this plot, ‘fatty’ aka Cheng Kau unwitting hires a Vietnamese gang to murder his cheating wife and her lover after catching them in the act. The next day, oblivious to the verbal contract he has agreed to the assassins show up at his house and carry out their side of the bargain. Now, stuck with a debt of $80,000 he becomes a suspect in the case. Fearing for his own freedom and safety he decides to go on the run, enlisting a rival gang to take out the Vietnamese in pursuit with  devastating results.

From the get go ‘Run and Kill’ just feels different to the other CAT:III movies I have viewed.  Naturally the acting wasn’t great, the soundtrack even worse,  everyone had slitty eyes, however something just wasn’t right. Perhaps it was the absence of some sort of gratuitous murder at the beginning of the movie! Yeah, that was it. The pace of the movie to begin with leaves something to be desired, and when you couple it with outstandingly bad picture quality and subtitles you could not read, it was not going well. As the plot developed things began to get a little more interesting but still, where was the violence? what made this movie sick?, which let’s face it, is the sole selling point of such movies.

As with many things, patience is the key. Towards the end of the movie things begin to heat up a little, with the final 20 minutes or so containing most of the movies limited controversy. It should be said at this point that even considering some of what I am about to write about the movies violence is comparably tame to other CAT:III movies I have seen.

Once the movie gets going we are treated to a fair amount of gunplay with each bullet offering a good splattering of blood. There are some impalements and knife kills which are accompanied with some really amateur effects and some pretty unconvincing dying noises! The main, and pretty much only scene which is worthy of a mention, is the infamous daughter burning scene, in which a young girl is bound by ropes and burnt alive. Naturally the scene is pretty unsettling and, when compared to the rest of the movies effects, it was reasonably well done – that is until you see the seriously unconvincing crispy corpse which acts as a prop in the movies most humorous scene. I will not ruin that for you!  

Overall there is little more to say about this movie; as you can tell I wasn’t really overawed by it, and it’s certainly the weaker of the bunch I have seen. That’s not to say the movie doesn’t have some merits, as, taken as a whole, it is reasonably enjoyable. The pace is a little boggy in parts and the quality of the transfer is a little irritating but if you look past this you get some scenes which are pretty funny, some gory and all, in true spirit, totally of its tits. I think this is for collectors only really. For everyone else, just watch ‘Ebola Syndrome - 'Fuck you Ebola!

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