Review: Samurai Princess


I think my opening comments on this film are going to simple, this film is off its tits. One quote from the front cover states “Versus on acid”, it’s not quite up to my liking of Versus, but it’s definitely on acid!!

To start with the story really is hard to get a grasp and you are left with a feeling of "what is actually going on?" but slowly the story does start to unfold. With a number of flashbacks and plot filling we kind of get the picture.

From what I could tell our main character, the hot Aino Kishi is out with her friends when she is set upon by a gang who rape and kill all but herself. She is badly beaten and is only just surviving when she is discovered in the woods by a mad scientist who by building her a new robot body turns her in to the ultimate killing machine! A Buddhist priestess helps fuse her body with the 11 dead souls of her murdered friends and off we go! Its killing time!

Little do we know at the time the mad scientist has also granted the gangs leader robot modifications along with his female sidekick by doing this he is setting up for an enormous battle for his own viewing pleasure. However the samurai princess is not alone herself, she has backup in the form of crazy guitar massive hand man! This might not be his official title but it’s the one I’m giving him because that’s exactly what he is!

Now enough about the plot synopsis, because it’s probably as confusing as what it was to watch it. After all there was one reason why I bought this and that was because it was made from the creators of Tokyo Gore Police, one of the most gory films in the Japanese collection. Although it had nowhere near the budget TGP had it does give it a good effort with the resources it had. It’s shot on a low budget film and what looked like the left over props from Gore Police. The CGI when used was not quite up to the standard seen before but it did the job as a whole. The battle scenes were gory and imaginative enough to keep me satisfied and there was a good old cock missile launcher thrown in for good measure; haha! always a crowd pleaser.

It was a shame that I just kept comparing this to Tokyo Gore Police but I couldn’t help it. The ideas were there, and given the budget I’m sure it would have had more of what I wanted. It just felt a bit sloppy in parts and with the start being so damn confusing it took the enjoyment away of just watching the film. It did pick up in the middle and end, and recovered well; plus we get to see Aino Kishi getting her kit off (no surprise) but still lovely none the less!

Overall this film was a good watch. It definitely was not a waste of money and I was not disappointed at the end. I think if I didn’t know the creator of this film and didn’t know what he is actually capable of I may have enjoyed it more but I think that says more good than bad about it.

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