Review: Scar 3D


Armed with its gimmick of being in ‘Gruesome 3D’, Scar, despite being around 2 years old, has just had a new UK DVD release. I guess I got what was coming to me really, but based on its novelty value I went ahead and bought the movie, full price, and what I got was the usual thrills and spills of generic slasher, in 3D.

Yes, like all those before it, ‘Scar’ has the usual plot of a killer, thought to be dead, remerging and slaughtering the next generation of Smallsville USA. In this case the killer enjoyed playing a game with the kidnapped, torturing each girl in turn until one broke down and ordered the execution of the other. However, is it really the killer or a copycat, well of course you know, otherwise what else would the ‘who-dunnit’ twist be?

I got to be honest to begin with, especially with the novelty of the sets being in 3D, ‘Scar’ was intriguing. A quirky script and some pretty cool violence early on got the movie off to a good pace. Sadly at around the half way mark the film became sloppy, with a lot of stupid people doing stupid things and not a lot really happening onscreen. The pace begins to drag and doesn’t really recover until the last 10 minutes or so.

Now I don’t really know whether to condemn or praise a movie for this next comment but the movies true 3D element, i.e. things coming out at the audience rather than just 3D sets, is used quite sporadically and isn’t really prevalent throughout the movie. I guess credit is due for the fact that it didn’t really get boring, but I really did think it could have been used to better effect, particularly within the murder scenes. We do see however some blood which seems to spray out which is a nice touch, plus a girly taking off and waving her bra at us. Sadly however, whilst some scenes are crystal clear, particularly those involving trees and graves, others seemed quite blurry and off focus, especially scenes where things are moving. This gets a little irritating after a while and enhances the frustration of the slower paced sections of the film.

Thankfully it's not all negative comments, rather surprisingly ‘Scar’ actually does well in the gore department with a large array of torture and murder techniques. It was reported that people were feinting and being sick at screenings, and whilst naturally this is a little exaggerated, there is some pretty gruesome scenes shown within, including a really nice chainsaw-esk finale. The blood effects look really cool, as does the gore, and clearly a lot of thought went into making the audience cringe at certain parts. It’s a shame the film isn’t more easily balanced, as most of the gore is at the beginning of the movie, but when it is on screen it definitely grabs your attention.

Despite my hypocrisy from buying the movie based on its gimmick, it does frustrate me a little when movies are marketed solely on gimmick alone, naturally I recognise that this often isn’t the fault of the film makers, but still I often find that whilst sure, it sells movies, it often leaves you feeling sour towards them when they inevitably aren’t up to much. ‘Scar’ is an example of such a scam. It isn’t bad, but it definitely doesn’t excel. It’s quite gory in parts, but if the thought of teeth and limbs flying off the screen is what is selling the movie, then you are going to be disappointed. As for plot, it’s ordinary, and pace, well, the movie gets boring for about 30 of its 80 minute run time! ‘Scar’ is likely to become another one watch wonder, don’t pay full price!

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