Review: Scarcrow


Scarcrow, the winner of a ‘who can make the best movie for £100,000 competition’, premièred in London on the last day of London’s Independent Film Festival. We were fortunate enough to be invited.

From the literature I was a little confused about actual plot as I had trouble piecing together a feasible scenario containing women in period costume, a scarecrow, and 4 lads on a team building exercise in present day. Thankfully what was presented was as equally as bizarre, but not so confusing.

Back in ye olden times a mother is strung at the gallows on accusation of heresy leaving behind 3 dutiful daughters and one rather purvey old husband. With his wife gone he looks to his daughters to fulfil the role of their mother, if you get what I mean? One night, as decides its time for his youngest daughter to turn from girl to woman, the other sisters spare her their fate and murder the father. To cover up the conspiracy they turn him into a scarecrow. Sadly, in his dying words he utters a curse, one which binds them all to the farm for eternity until the souls of all the family are replaced by those of a sacrifice. Naturally the years roll buy until our unlucky foursome wander onto the farm.

As silly as it may seem the plot and the script are probably the strongest aspects of the film, and whilst I agree, it all seems a little absurd, the film is played properly tongue in cheek and some little discrepancies in plot are more than forgiven. The acting isn't amazing, but as I said the script is strong enough to carry it off, and there is a lot of pretty funny material throughout to compensate and the pace never lags.

What impressed me the most about this movie is that despite the budget the gore effects are really really good. As with everything else mentioned so far the gore is both imaginative and varied. Some highlights include impalement, burning and even a disembowelling! All of the effects look really old school and put bigger budget churn outs which claim to be gory to shame.

Overall we were really pleased to have viewed this at the première. As is said there were some reservations owing to the confusing subject matter, but rest assured all, it is all made clear once you watch! As is continually proven in horror imagination and attention to detail can offset a minimal budget. It's an excellent choice for a beer and movie evening once it is granted a DVD release.

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