Review: Scarecrows


No surprises what this film is about (unless you got the German Dragon release entitled ‘Paratrooper’), yes killer scarecrows. Now I was too minds of where this film was going to go, was it going to be a film in which was supposed to be taken serious with creepy scarecrow(s) and thick atmosphere or was it going to be a silly ‘bit-of-a-piss-take’ sort of film. Well the answer is probably the latter although its not laugh out loud funny.

The film begins with a set of thieves who have just stolen a considerable sum of money and have escaped on an aeroplane with federal and state police hot on their tails. Everything is going to plan until on of the group decides to cut and run with the money parachuting out of the plane (which presumably what the German title refers to) forcing the group to follow him and land the plane in a field behind a deserted farm whose gardens is filled with eerie scarecrows.

The films pace is pretty slack for the first 30 minutes where we are exposed to some dodgy acting, crappy dialog and a goofy soundtrack which reflected well my opinion of the film thus far! The first death comes in the form of a stabbing which is bloody but nothing special - nothing short of a man exploding would have amazed me at that point! The scarecrows themselves look pretty tacky, clearly men in costume which you could withstand if it wasn’t for the continuous reuse of shots and obvious breathing when the things are supposed to be inanimate.

Now for something good. Thankfully after the initial 30 odd minutes the pace and the gore both pick up with scarecrows picking off the group one by one. There aren’t many deaths, there are only about 6 or so members in the group but the gore is quite strong and you get to see it in action and not just the aftermath. I wont ruin it for you but there are some decent impaling, disembowelling, decapitation and fingers and the such bitten and tore off.

To be honest, after such a slow start, the gore is what saves the film from ‘The List’. This, and a little twist in the plot as you realise what the scarecrows are doing with their victims, leave you thinking ‘well actually that wasn’t that bad!’ Incidentally you never do find out where the scarecrows come from, but to be honest who cares, with the standard of the rest of the script and story this is probably best left to the views imagination. This film will definitely only be suitable for strict fans of cult horror and even then I think its ok will be the best response, but still, if you find yourself curious about what a film with a plot involving killer scarecrows is like then give it a go, you might even like it!

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