Scars is easily one of the more ‘extreme’ horror films on the Left Film label, and if violence in the worst taste spearheaded by two feme fatales tickles your fancy then I say with conviction that you should definitely pick this film up.

This title is very reminiscent of a another more famous female psycho movie entitled ‘Baise Moi’ and to some extent, whilst the sexual content of the film is far less – save a couple of well covered up bath time cleansing routines, it has the same modern, more urban feel to it than say more classic examples such as ‘I Spit on your grave’. Same effect though, and the plot, whilst quite unique in this movie, its basically just two birds killing guys as opposed to the more misogynistic traditional option.

The plot follows the murderous exploits two young ladies, one ‘Scar’ a raven haired punk rocker and Scarlett, a fair haired more sophisticated type – who incidentally blackmails married men who fall into her clutches. Whilst their personalities and lifestyles are contrasting in almost every-way they do have one thing very much in common – a fondness of killing men! And so, begins around 90 minutes of condensed violence, mild torture and said bath-time scenes.

After all, as Scar put is, –killing dudes is easy, and apparently, it turns out that watching them do it is somewhat entertaining!

This is not the movie for the sophisticated movie goer, nor is it a film you would want to watch with anyone but your most trusted viewing companion, but this guilty pleasure was easy viewing never the less. The film took me back to a nostalgic time where the term ‘unrated’ meant something and ‘Synapse’ and ‘Unearthed’ films were the go labels for the most fucked up stuff which would never be released in the UK.

The gore is plentiful, well the blood is anyhow and there are a good number of scenes which will cause most men to recoil as the girls go to town on their specialist area, often with big knives – ouch. Whilst the film never reaches any desperate extreme heights in terms of its torture content, I would say that the film is a step beyond most average slasher films in terms of its tone, and lack of camera cuts. The effects are good and I was impressed with the abundance of kills in the films.

The acting wasn’t bad, and considering most of the screen time was occupied by our two anarchic vixens indulging in some awkward scenes which needed solid performances to maintain the tone of the movie, both Danielle Cole and Neale Kimmel held their own.  My main criticism of the film is an odd one really and at first it didn’t both me, but as the film continued it began to become somewhat trite. Each time a character sits down to watch TV we are treated with an obvious audio overdub of some geopolitical conversation regarding US foreign policy decisions. Now I didn’t care enough to listen to it but if that was director Sean K. Robb’s attempt at linking his film and the violence within with the implications of foreign policy then I could do without that. This is a film whose primary selling point are two, often naked bloody spattered young ladies… let’s just leave it at that.

Overall, despite my minor niggles, this film is one to check out if you enjoy horror on its more extreme side. Its satisfyingly tasteless, and has a much better pacing than most movies in this niche genre. It’s out in the UK on 9th Jan, 2017 on both DVD and VOD.

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  1. Enjoyed this review and I’m glad you enjoyed the film! You’re quite correct about the political shit — that should’ve been left on the editor’s floor. Thanks for the write-up! Cheers, skr

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