Review: See No Evil


There was no indecision about which genre to but this film under, it’s a ‘by-the-numbers’ US teen slasher. It would appear the ‘The big red machine’ Kane is the latest of the WWE wrestlers to try their hand at ‘acting’; others most notably are The Rock (The Mummy returns/Scorpion King and Doom) and Triple H (Blade Trinity).

As generic as it is ‘See No Evil’ is not that bad, just very very average. The plot involves a community service group who are supposed to be renovating a derelict hotel (the scene indecently reminds me of the abandoned apartment featured in the dire ‘Tower of Blood’), which just turns out to be the home to a deranged serial killer (Kane) who’s got a bit of an obsession with ripping people’s eyes out. Of course all of the convicts are young and all of the women fit, although look nothing like prisoners to be honest. Anyhow, they find the fact that a killer is brutally removing them one by one is a slight hindrance to their DIY efforts.

The acting isn’t too bad and even Kane plays his part well. It was a wise decision though not to give him too many speaking parts as the strong silent type (reminiscent of Jason Voorhees) killer he plays saves the film from a slightly lower score. The violence is pretty constant throughout and there are plenty of convict fodder to ensure that there’s never any longer than about 10 minutes without a death once the killing starts. Whilst the deaths are violent they are not particularly gory, most of them are high impact slams (did you expect anything less from a film whose main star is a wrestler?) although we are treated to a couple of eye rippings, at least 2 impalings and a savage hook/chain combo.

Against all the odds, I was entertained. But, and the problem with so many of these films, is that the last 15 minutes is of course spent delivering the morals, and of course how the survivors manage to dispatch the killer; sad really cause I actually wanted Kane to survive - but then I always love it when the killer does!. It is in this period that the pace slackens some what. In this film the killer removes the eyes of his victims in response to child abuse (what else?) as his mother abused him over the ‘sin’ of masturbation - although I think some one should have told them both that pleasuring yourself in such a manner is supposed to make you blind, not everyone else. When the group finally get their shit together we are ‘treated’ to a much drawn out death scene with some pretty dodgy CGI including an inner body view of an impaling.

Overall, if you are a fan of wrestling you will see it anyhow, and you will enjoy it. If you aren’t a fan of the sport (like me), give it a go if you are looking for a no-brainer slasher and there is nothing else you fancy viewing. It will fill avoid until the next comes along.

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