Review: Sick Girl


If I got a quid for every movie that various people deem as sick which was actually really, really shit, I would have enough money to make my own movie!

Sick Girl is a prime example of this. It is not really that sick at all bar a few scenes, and the run time either side of them is filled with very little of anything.

Sick girl begins well, within the first five minutes ‘Sick Girl’ Izzy has killed a couple of COEDs and pissed on a nun; outstanding, if only it carried on in this vein.

Sadly, and despite our genuine enthusiasm, with each arduous five minute block of run time it became quite apparent to us that this movie was not going to deliver the goods. The acting was bad, irritatingly so, with the lead role becoming more and more cocky and sassy as the film progresses; simply put, she talked to much, continually asking stupid fucking rhetorical questions to her victims which just made her seem more brat-like than sick. The plot was pretty much non-existent, despite efforts to tell a deeper story through flashbacks. Basically put, Izzy is a sick girl with a propensity for murdering people, and by people I mean about 5.

The only positive thing I will say about this movie (in addition to the opening scene) is that around the hour mark there is a real show stopping scene in which Izzy deprives some poor guy of his wang, mounts it on  a homemade strap on, and fucks another girl with it. It is sick, but honestly let me interject myself here - one 3 minute scene is little compensation for the frustration caused from watching the rest of the movie.

Overall short and sweet is what this review is, if only I could say the same about ‘Sick Girl’. This really is kids stuff. It’s not that sick, and as J said, it’s one of those films that people getting into the genre (attracted no doubt, as we all were at one point, by a less than subtle title) think is sick simply because of that one scene. Don’t waste your time, this movie is really boring.

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