Review: Sick Nurses


Dear Oh Dear! 20 minutes in and all I can think is that this is a just a spin off from all the other decent Asian horror films. The Grudge, Hair Extensions (albeit a poor film) they all have a massive influence on the scenes we see, so much so that I can’t help feel that they have been completely copied, almost to the actual scene.

Originality is something lacking in most films of late but if you’re going to be so blatant as to rip these moments off at least be as good as the original if not better!!!

The plot is diabolical so ill break it down nice and easy. Our leading role Dr Taa is a raging bummer. He was in love with a man. But he knows that he must marry a woman. So his lover turns himself into a woman with Dr Taa’s help and they carry on seeing each other. You don’t actually get to find out all of this until the end but by that point I didn’t care. Dr Taa is having a bash on all of his nurses, to be fair their all pretty fit so I can’t blame him but why when he loves the sausage? Oh apparently he’s bi. A little bit hasty of me! His lover wants commitment and marriage but Dr Taa is not interested so he and his nurses go about killing her/him. Dr Taa also sells bodies to a buyer by the looks of it (although this is never really clear cut and never really explained too much) so he keeps the body of his lover in his boot until the buyer is ready but after 7 days the spirit comes back to take vengeance on all that committed the sin. Sounds like a long winded pile of monkey dung doesn’t it? Well it delivers on that note!

This film is hilariously dodgy, following a pretty good scene (compared to the rest of the deaths in this film) where a nurse is forced to eat a handful of razorblades which not only means that the nurse manages to completely remove the bottom half of her mouth but also means that we get to see what this film has to offer in terms of CGI…..its not very promising. Next thing we know a flying fetus comes out of a specimen jar and into the gaping hole where her mouth once was. You couldn’t actually make this up, this was produced and its in the film. It sounds quite funny but its not, it made we wish I had my own razorblades.

Why have a film full of sexy nurses yet no nudity but tease us with a shower scene, and let the girl keep her clothes on? Why have the scene there at all? That’s my main problem with this film it just does not deliver, everything is half hearted and it never gets good.

Overall I do feel like I’ve been a bit harsh in this review (mainly due to the calibre of other films we have been watching lately, which by all means are even worse) and can’t help feel that if I watched it again I might not be so negative. But it did annoy me, a lot! It just felt like a waste of potential. Why bother having mighty fine “sick” nurses and not bother having any nudity or make them particularly “sick”! It all just added up to not an enjoyable experience but one that left me wishing this film was just so much better.

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